Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I love: June 14th, Flag Day

This birthday won't be nearly as epic as last years. But eating Birthday cake with chop sticks and having two official birthdays (due to the time zones) is hard to top. I think the celebrating I did last year could last me a lifetime. Happy Flag Day!!
h a p p y. b i r t h d a y. t o. m e
June 14th 2009 Beijing Time
weirdest birthday cake ever
For june 14th on Beijing time We were invited over to our friend's grandparents house for a tradition Chinese feast. They made us a huge feast of dumplings, shrimp, sliced beef and all sorts of other goodies. after eating a colossal amount of dumplings (my friend johnny ate 22!!) they force fed us a banana and cake!! I have never been so full in my life.
Our hosts for my feast, an experience I will never forget.
We then hit up the Beijing Zoo, another experience (for different reasons) I will never forget.
On June 14th PST we had a jam packed day!
We started in the Tienanmen square.
Explored the Forbidden City.
Took a tour of a Hutong.
Then we hit up Jingshan park and the White Pagoda.
Mind you we walked all this way.
We stopped by an area full of rickshaws. I paid the driver to let me drive it, just like my Dad did when visited Beijing. It was hard!!
Casey rode one too.We then hit up some roof top bars.
But not before ending the celebration with an unforgettable night of karaoke.

Yay for travels, memories, and birthdays!!


  1. Happy Birthday Amber! June babies rock! Hoping you have a fabulous and as fun-filled day as possible. :)

  2. Happy birthday amber! Enjoy your day! Your trip last year looked fabulous! :0)

  3. Happy Birthday Amber!! Hope you're on the up and up and have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful lady!!!!!

    Here's to a HEALTHY year!!!!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday beautiful! Hope your day is wonderful.
    Your birthday last year looked so amazing! I can't believe you fit all of that into one day! What were you singing for karaoke? Loved it.

  6. happy bday, amber! what an awesome way to celebrate ur bday...twice!:) i'm so envious of ur trip. looks like a blast!

    p.s. gotta love karaoke!:D

  7. Happy Birthday!! you look so cute in ur chip&pepper beaver shorts.

  8. Here's wishing you a happy and well bday!

  9. Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! Love the shorts! HA! (I rocked a pair like that all over Europe a couple summers back!)

  10. Happy birthday beautiful!!! hope you have the best day ever and get back on your feet soon! love the pictures:) jealous lol have a awesome day xoxo

  11. I know I said it earlier, but here's one for the Blog - Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! Looks like a wonderful time.

    xo style, she wrote

  13. Happy Birthday. It's my first visit to your blog. Loved reading of your travels in China.

  14. i want to go to the forbidden city one day. lucky you.

    xo nancy

  15. Cake with chopsticks? Nice! I thought I'd seen it all! Fun photos!

  16. what was the frosting on that cake like?! happy happy bday!!!

  17. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and feel good! I love seeing these photos! You are so cute and these are so fun!!

  18. I can't believe you fit all that in one day either!! I guess you were just visiting, when you visit I think it gives you a lot more motivation to go out and see everything!

    Karaoke looks like a blast! I like how they have the smaller private rooms here so you can make a fool of yourself around friends only!

  19. I hope your day was fabulous today lady!

  20. Happy Birthday Amber! I hope you were feeling a little better today. You share a birthday with my late grandfather. It's always a memorable day for me :)

  21. Thanks Ladies!!

    Lynn-the frosting was kind of jello-y lol

    Steph- that was definitely our craziest day, we just had the energy to go for it!