Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things I love: Rainbow Bright

So as positive as I have been while being sick I have to tell you there is a seed of bitterness planted in my thoughts. You see this weekend should be my birthday weekend. And I was planning on making it one of the Giants vs A's game this weekend, bbqing it up while watching the World Cup and having blog themed birthday get together in order to celebrate. I was even in talks with DC productions to help plan my night but let's just say after all that transgressed the all party plans got put on hold. I was particularly excited to to celebrate my Birthday because last year I was overseas in Beijing for my birthday and the year before that, Casey was in Iraq during my birthday. So this year I was looking forward to celebrating at home with my family and loved ones.

Clearly whatever I do for my birthday will now be low key. And throw in the possible cancellation of my Europe trip and my sprouting seeds of bitterness are hard to squash at times. During one of these down moments I turned to my loyal old friend to pick me right back up and remind me of all the things I have to be grateful and thankful for.

Good old Shopbop, you never let me down. Since I was down I needed something bright and cheerful to pick me up and I may or may not have purchased this pick me up dress that reminded me of a grown up Rainbow Brite dress. I am almost certain if we revisited Rainbow Brite as an adult she would be rocking a more subtle version of her Rainbow colored frock and would be partial to Alice and Olivia dresses like this or this dress. Any dress that reminds me of my childhood is a must buy in my book. And this Rainbow Brite plush doll and this awesome Rainbow Brite house/case were some of my favorite toys, you know when I wasn't playing with my Barbies.

My First Rainbow Brite dress, a Halloween costume made by Mom, that was worn much more often then just on Halloween.

24 years later I am waiting on the grown up version to arrive.

Yay for the 80's, Dresses the make me smile and writing blog posts that turn my mood around.


  1. Ah, yayay for Rainbow Bright! I was just admiring a Rainbow Bright doll at Target a few hours ago - I was obsessed with her as a child!

  2. Sucks about the shtty timing :( but at least you are on the mend!

    and OMG, I was OBSESSED with Rainbow Bright... I still have her (and Shy Voilet, Pony Bright, and a few Sprites) in the basement storage haha... my bedset, curtains, and whole room was rainbow bright themed as a kid... and oh my gosh, did you have the RB "record" hahaha amazing.... bringing back memories :)

  3. OMG your mom is flippin' awesome. That's one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I am so mad reading this, I forgot to put your bday card in the mail! I am so sorry you are feeling down but happy for you that you could do a little retail therapy! And just remember it could be worse- you are feeling better and getting healthier!

  4. So glad to hear you are feeling better and out of the hospital! I can't believe all the scary things you had done- hole in your back to drain your lung!?! Gah! I totally understand how let down you must feel about everything you are missing. I HATE missing things when my body is not up to it. Maybe a make up birthday weekend!?! That could be fun!

  5. Man, this is bad timing! Cute dress, though (and comfy looking!)! I hope you still get to go to Europe!

  6. That dress is very your style, love it! I can't wait to see your pretty smile wearing it!! :) Happy early birthday, and I have my fingers crossed for Europe for you. I think it'll happen :)

  7. Little Rainbrow Bright you is adorable!! Can't wait to see you in the new one when you get it :-)

  8. Cafe Fashionista-omg I must check them out!

    LOL thanks Suzy!

    Omg ERin!! We would have had such fun playovers together! LOL I forgot about the horse! and omg SPRITES! haha. Okay you need to fill me in on this record you speak of.

    Aww thank you rebecca! i know I am so happy to be doing So much better (the last two sunday's i was in the hospital) but everyonce in awhile it's easy to feel sorry for myself lol

    Cara-thank you!My makeup birthday will be Europe!

    Thank you Ashley!

    Thank you Justine!! <3

    HEH Thanks Lynn! I always see the adult Rainbow bright costume every year in the stores but nothing compares to that homemade one lol

    Thanks you Breanne!!

  9. safe to say you've always loved fashion!

  10. Ha! I love that picture of you in the Rainbow Brite costume, your mom worked really hard, clearly! I love the grown-up version even more, it looks a little bit like Missoni, very chic! Thanks for stopping by Little Blue Deer, delighted to find you, and am happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  11. OMG! I lovvveddddd Rainbow Brite - I still remember my little yellow yarn hair rainbow brite doll. She was the best!! :)

  12. Oh my gosh, Rainbow Bright! How awesome!

  13. I loved Rainbow Brite, but not sure how to pull off all those colors.

    Happy upcoming birthday! I'm sorry to hear about the possibility of canceling your European trip. I'm wishing you the best, and hope you have a great birthday surrounded by those you love.

  14. How lovely to meet new friends! Thanks for popping in on my blog and giving me a smile via your kind comment!

    That rainbow dress is just gorgeous. Very summery indeed!

  15. Oo, great colors! Just found you :) Happy I did!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  16. very nice :) i like it a lot too!!!