Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look of the Day: Rings on Her Fingers, Bells on Her Toes

A week after I left the hospital my Gma is back in the same hospital I was at for a knee replacement surgery. It's actually pretty good timing because I had to be at the hospital today and tomorrow for follow up appointments. So my Mom and I were able to stop into today and will see her again tomorrow. My poor Mom has spent about 3 weeks in that hospital taking care of me and now my Grandma. Here's to hoping I get good news at my appointment tomorrow AND hopefully my Gma will be able to go home as well. My mom deserves a break!
Speaking of my Gma, I have mentioned before that she is one of my style icons and has taught me a whole lot about style. She always wears fun and funky outfit even at 81, and after this knee surgery she will be back to rocking outfits soon enough. I think she is just as miserable as I was rocking those horrible hospital gowns. Today I wore a few rings that remind me of the ones my Gma always wears. And the necklace I wore was one of the presents my Gma gave me for my birthday. They were the perfect things to wear when visiting her today!
My Gma inspired ring and things.
World Market Ring, World Market bracelet, Forever 21 ring, and H&M necklace.
My head scarf was necessary to hide my greasy hair, sad to say that showers aren't daily with the catheter in my arm. It's such a pain to take them!
Smiling at my Pennie Lane, who was out of shot but was being a silly kitty.
Really exited not to have hospital bracelets as accessories anymore!Splendid top, J Brand Jeggings, Free People Cardigan, Cynthia Vincent for target sandals.
Yay for my Gma recovering quickly, funky rings and my awesome Mom!


  1. you look great in those jeggings!
    glad to see you back & on your feet, feeling better!

  2. The scarf actually looks so good on you:) Only you could make recovery look so good.
    Good luck to your precious Grandma! My dad had knee replacement surgery a few years ago, it's intense, but so worth it!

  3. So sorry to hear about your grandma. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

    And again, super impressed with your fleeting references. How is it that you know obscure Grateful Dead songs too? Amazing! You must have lived a thousand lives in your 28 years.

  4. Good luck to your grandma! And whether your hair is greasy or not, the hair scraf is super cute! I love it.


  5. I hope your grandma has a speedy recovery! And I WISH I looked half as good as you when sick! You make it look goooooodddd...maybe you should go into designing hospital gowns?


  6. your gram is in my thoughts. my gma is my style icon too - that lady is always dressed up!

  7. I guess that the fruit really doesn't fall far from the tree. Go Gma!!!
    Hope all goes well for all of you.
    And your Mom- A Super Hero!

    I do a blog hop on Fridays called Friday Pretties. You should stop by and link up. You have such an interesting blog, and I would love to have you share it with my fellow blogger friends.

    It's easy and you just link up on my sidebar, and then post a pretty on Friday. Whatever is pretty to you.

    Have a great day!!!

  8. Lookin good:) I have that same h&m necklace! love it.

  9. Lovely jewellery and i really like your leggings and striped top...pretty.:)SarahD

  10. hope your grandma has a speedy recovery!

    the outfit is great. it reminds me of beach. ^^

  11. I love your style...I have a huge drapey cardigan like that and its one of my favorite things to wear

  12. I really like your outfit and the scarf on your hair is super cute! Here's to a speedy recovery for your gma :)

  13. I hope your Gma gets better soon! Your jewelry is beautiful.

    Don't forget to enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  14. I'm wishing your grandma a speedy recovery!

    also. scarf to hide greasy hair? girl, you are a genius! aaaand, love the rings!

  15. Sending happy get-well-soon thoughts to your gramma! I love your look today, very funky but fun- those rings! *grabs*

  16. you are such a pretty girl! and such a sweet gdaughter!

  17. what a lovely tribute to your sweet gma...Wishing you a swift recovery...keep your chin up my dear, and keep Rosie

  18. I was out all day but thanks so much ladies! Your comments mean so much to me and my Gma loves when I show them to her! xoxo