Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day Seven: Praha Ah Ha Ha, Praha Ah Ha Ha

Day seven. I am currently in the car just arriving to Vienna. It's crazy how you can tell you are in a new country by the way the grass and hillsides on the side of the rode look. I wish I could figure out how to post pictures. We just stopped at the craziest amusement park in the Czech Repulic before we crossed the border. The rides here are so cool. Our last day in Prague was awesome as well. We spent the day walking around checking out all the sites again and hitting up new places as well. After we walked across st. Charles bridge we stopped by a famous John Lennon graffiti wall. Turns out at the exact time we chose to look at it Pete Best, the original drummer of The Beatles, was adding his signature to the wall. It was really random but cool to see the Czech paparazzi, an we are pretty sure Casey and Johnny ended up on the news. After that excitement we headed up to Petrin hill to view Prague from the the top of the observation tower, a smaller replica of the Eiffel tower. We ended our trip by eating some traditional Czech food, shopping and then drinking our last Czech beer and the Espana football game. All in all a fabulous time, nostrovi!!


  1. Glad you're having such an amazing time!!!

  2. Prague is my favorite city I've been to in Europe. Can't wait to see your snapshots when you get back!

  3. I loved Vienna!! We were there for New Years Eve - total blast!


    have fun!

  4. Glad your having a great holiday! Sounds like your going on some fun adventures! I agree about knowing your in a new country by the different colours of the scenery. It amazes me every time I go travelling and am on the plane and some places are so so green and others like here are red desert at times!

    Hope you keep having fun!