Sunday, July 4, 2010

Days Nine and ten:

Days eight and nine in Vienna have been very enjoyable. Each city we have visited has a different vibe, So it's pretty cool to observe the differences. Vienna has similarities to Germany, and to Prague but it has it's own feel. We have Been exploring the city and checking out the sites, it is very pretty but not nearly as old as some of the other sites we have seen. The food seems to be best in my opinion as well. Yesterday Casey and I started our day by going to breakfast as a chic cafe where we ordered expresso and breakfast boxes which essentially are two trays of breakfast foods to share. The presentation and selection of food felt very European, it wasn't your typical American breakfast, and it may have been one of my favorite meals so far. The rest of the day was spent exploring the summer palace where we saw Marie Antoinette, napoleon and Mozart pieces among others.
It is way hotter here then the forecast suggested and I am using about 1/4 of clothes I packed. With only a couple tank tops I am washing them in them every other night, on top of the load we did Prague. My closet is one thing I miss, and shopping is something we have not done a lot of. I have no complaints though and so far so good! I am feeling great as well, crazy how I was sick the entire month before we left. My lung is bothering me a little but I think it may be my paranoia about all the smoking that goes down here. But I Only have a little time left so I am soaking it up. I miss reading everyone's blogs and I can't wait to catch up in them when I get home. I'm off to explore more!

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