Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

So I am back to iPhone blogging. Unfortunatly not because I am on a terrace in Italy but rather because I have landed myself back in the hospital. Turns out I picked up strep throat sometime since I got home. Now originally back when I first got admited to the hospital I was diagnosed with untreated strep that turned into pneumonia. So either I was reinfectioned at my house, some one I know who is carrier of strep throat or I just randomly picked it up, again. Good news is that my lung looks great! So no issues there.
In anycase, I am in the hospital being monitored to make sure I do not have a pneumonia relapse. It had been a long day. Last nit I had planned to get up early and surprise my sister in law at her shower. Unfortunately the moment I woke up I knew something was wrong. I spent about 7 hours waiting it out for a room in the ER, antibiotics and just some tyenol. All while getting sicker by the moment and watching some twenty odd ambulances with oldfolks come through, it was a Rough day here
for all.
I hope to be back tomorrow with good news and hopefully pictures again. Too bad I had to rock another hospital gown. But so glad something like this happened at home an not while I was over seas.
And a big thank you to My Mom who spent her day helping me rather then
celebrating her birthday! And a big to my sister who cake up from LA to hang out and see my Mom and my trip pictures! I guess his just means I have to go down to LA soon! don't worry, not before I log in substantial hours of resting.
The view from my hotel room.
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  1. oh my gosh, i hope u feel better soon! looking forward to seeing ur trip pics:)

  2. wow! i hope you feel better very soon! so glad you have a heroic mom and sister who are there to love and care for you. get well, friend.

  3. Ack! Dude!

    You need to stay out of that hospital. And yes, I'm getting bossy.

    *taps foot*

    Feel better soon, Amber, and get out of there! :(

  4. Oh, no! Get well soon sweetie!

  5. You poor thing! Having health issues is the worst. I hope you are back at 100 percent soon!
    ♥ Noelle

  6. Oh my.I hope you get better very very soon.Our health is not something we can play with.
    Wishing all the best.

  7. Aw, it must be *so* frustrating to be stuck in the hospital again. Hope everything checks out and that you manage to feel better and return home soon!!

  8. Bless your heart! Get well soon!!!

  9. Get well soon!


  10. Thanks so much ladies!! I hope to be back to normal soon!