Monday, July 26, 2010

Things I love: Rings and Things

One my vanity/desk I have a jar full of rings that I like to grab and add to any outfit, it always seems to make whatever I wear feel put together or maybe just slightly more hippie. I think I got my big ring obsession from my Gma who is never seen without them. Thank you to the lovely Rosa from DC who for my birthday sent me a fabulous vintage locket ring that is my most recent ring acquisition.
It is such a cool piece and everyone asks about it when I wear it. Although Casey said it reminded him of Sarah Michelle Gellar's snuff necklace from Cruel Intentions. Thanks so much again Rosa!! I had a blast this weekend meeting Jen from the Look 4 Less and Kara from Fashionably Inspired, I will be back shortly with a recap.
My Ring jar.
The vintage Locket ring from Rosa!
How cool is this!??
The ring is from etsy seller


  1. I love the idea of keeping rings in a little dish. So cute! Love big chunky rings these days...

  2. i'll take the locket ring with a photo of my handsome man in it!

  3. I have a 'ring jar' too! I love having it out in the open so I know what I have at the last minute. Love your new ring, so unique!

  4. i love that cute ring!!! i actually have a ton of big rings but i always just wind up wearing my wedding one.

  5. Sarah is that what it is called?

    Lynn-I used to not like to wear rings with my wedding ring, but I've gotten over that.