Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Look of the Day: Shop, Drop and Roll

As I stated in my previous post on Sunday I went shopping with my friend Jen, and Jen from the Look for Less and Kara From Fashionably Inspired (make sure to check out the pic of us all in this post). I am being generous when I say we went shopping, for some of the time it was me shopping and making other people drop wait for me. This is part of the reason I tend to shop by myself, unfortunately shopping for clothes is my weakness.

None the less I think Kara, Jen and Josh enjoyed checking out Union street. It's a really fun place to walk around, and they were having a sidewalk sale going on so it was nice to walk around and check out what places had to offer. My friend Jen had so much fun chatting with Kara and Jen she even wants to start a blog! Not sure Blogger would be down with many f-bombs, but maybe we can get her to work on that ;)

I couldn't wait any longer to wear some of the things that I purchased at our blogger/worlds collide meet up . The earrings were from Ambiance and the top was just one of the many things I purchased at LF Stores San Francisco. LF has to be my absolute favorite place to shop at in the city. And I wasn't disappointed yesterday. I actually just looked and the top I purchased in the chiffon version is their online Look of the Week.

This Millua top is so flowy and fun, I may just wear it to pieces. I also bought another Millau top that is just gorgeous. I'm sure you will love it as much as I do! If you have not seen this brand you need to check it out, feel free to call the lovely ladies at the San Francisco LF Store,
(415) 567-6872. They are always super helpful, and tell them Amber sent you! Or check out this list of other LF store locations.
I Love this top so much!

Millau top from LF Union Street, J Brand Jeggings, H&m pendent necklace, and sandals from a local boutique.
Yay for Lf Stores, Millau, and flowy hippie tops for the summer time!


  1. I love that top and LF Stores! So pretty :)

  2. That is great you guys went shopping together! Fun!

  3. Love it, Amber! Great outfit- and I do the same damn thing. I also like shopping by myself (or only with my twin sister, as she's just as shoppy/indecisive as me) because man oh man, shopping can be a day-long event for me.

    Seriously. No rushing me when I get into full swing, nuh uh.

  4. That looks so good on you! Honestly, I can't believe I didn't buy anything. I think because the lines were so long to try stuff on that I was just to lazy to wait to try stuff on LOL.

  5. Kara those dressing rooms lines we SOOO annoying! But that does make me feel better because I felt kind of bad.

  6. Sounds like the perfect girls day! My best friend lives in San Diego and she loves the LF store in La Jolla. She has yet to take me there, but hopefully soon!

  7. cute! i wanna do a blogger meet up in atl one day.