Friday, July 30, 2010

Look of the Day: I {hella} Love the Bay, Like I Love LA

Yesterday I took my 13 year old friend Karen for her first trip Telegraph Ave and Downtown Berkley. Karen and I call each other sisters because we look a lot alike, and I have known her since she was 5 so she likes to come to me for sisterly advice. Karen always asks me questions about what kind of things I did as a teenager and Telegraph has come up a lot because I spent a lot of time wandering around there buying hemp bracelets and funky rings. And, to my regrets, I came home with several holes in my ears from there, seven holes to be exact. So it was fun to take Karen around and see the typical Telegraph street crowd (always entertaining) , the college campus and experience some hippie vegetarian food.
We dined at Saturn Cafe, and it was the second best Veggie burger I have ever had.
The best being the Beet burger from The Pant Cafe in San Francisco.
It is really cute how the place is decorated like a typical diner but everything was Vegan and Vegetarian! Gotta love it.
I ordered the sliders, a collection of four of their famous burgers. The Jalapeno was my favorite. Karen ordered the Saturn burger with a side of their award winning fries. Karen also wanted to try a milkshake, she picked Turkish Coffee for us to sample. So good!
I ended being a tourist myself and I purchased a T shirt because I just couldn't resist.
I mean I do HELLA love the bay.
And as a lifelong Nor Caler, hella is one word I can't seem to shake from my vocabulary.
Gwen Stefani knows what it's all about. The rest of the SoCalers like to point out any time hella rolls off my tongue.
You've got me feeling Hella Good, So let's just keep on dancing.
Abercrombie plaid shirt, American Apparel I hella Love the Bay Tee, J Brand Jeggings.
I hope your Friday is hella good!


  1. I grew up in San Diego but my cousins grew up in Oakland, so I first heard the word HELLA as a kid and I always loved it, despite not using it much myself. I remember when my cousin had to say HECKA because she went to Catholic school and you could not be caught saying hell! My brother has a t-shirt that's just a word bubble with the word HELLA in it. So not all SoCalers hate the word! haha

  2. HA! Love the shirt! Being a so cal girl 'hella' can drive me nuts! :) In college our dorm/quad made shirts and sold them - they read "NorCal Hella Sucks' we definitely got a lot of hate, being a UC school kids were from all over! Glad to have you back hun (Europe and sickness)!

  3. I just became a follower. Very cute blog! Feel free to follow mine and enter my giveaway :)

    (The Pretty Pauper)

  4. i want to try both those veggie burgers you mentioned!!!!

  5. Love this! I definitely will check out these soon!

  6. WOW do i have a sf friend that i need to get that shirt for. so rad!

  7. Nice post Amb, I want to do a repeat for

  8. You have such an fantastic figure. When I see images such as yours, I want to work out (and then I don't and eat 2 slices of pizza -- guh).

    The Black Queen

  9. That shirt is hella great! Love it.

  10. I love the t-shirt? Where did you get it?? I checked the American Apparel store at ValleyFair mall in San Jose, but they didn't carry it. Booooo. Thanks!