Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Recap: Saying Goodbye, Saying Goodbye to Hollywood

Happy Monday!! I hope you are having a great day and had a fabulous weekend. I know I sure did. Despite waking up with what I thought was a cold on Friday I ended up powering through the weekend and made a last minute road trip down to LA and I'm SO glad I did! I hadn't been my last amazing trip in January, and wow it had been too long. I had a blast visiting my sister's new place in LA, showing my Mom and friend Mandy around my favorite places in Hollywood and just enjoying the heck out of life. I even got to reenact my Briney Spears encounter at it's original location. Gosh I love LA and last minute adventures.
My Happy Place.

Sunset Marquis.
Wendy, it was Bumping.
Venice Beach.
Santa Monica

Did I mention how I love the beach?
Marion Davies' Guest House
Obsessed with old Hollywood.

Ready For Those Flashing Lights.
Papa Paparazzi!Britney encounter re-enactment:
Starring me as myself, Andrea as Britney Spears and Mandy as Sean Preston.
Click here and here for the Britney encounter recap and pictures of me jumping on a bed.
The OPP crew
Coffee Bean in Malibu. A must stop for me every trip I make down to SoCal.
You know I hit up Planet Blue...
Loving life.

So. Hard. To. Leave.
I like to take a minute to a few people:
My Mom for everything, including planning a trip to LA and sparking the urge for me to go.
My sister for living in LA and providing me with a place to stay, and for being my Designated Driver.
My Husband for allowing me to letting me go whereever the wind blows me when he is busy with softball.
Mandy for pressuring me to go even when I was afraid I was sick. And for letting me show her around for her first trip to LA!!!
My Dad and Rena because they just rock and inspire me to dream big.
Dustin for putting up with us crazies and for getting us into the club I wanted to check out.
Wendy for finding the coolest places in LA!! Can't wait to meet you there again!
And for anyone who took the time to read or comment on this post!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend Amber!! So much fun, and love the orange top :)

  2. So jealous you can hope in the car and head to LA! Man I miss CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!! OH Coffee Bean, and so cal beaches!

  3. Nice post Amb, I want to do a re-peat for Thanksgiving

  4. Ha ha! This is an awesome recap! This morning I came into my office and someone asked what I did this weekend. I replied, "I went to LA with my mom and sister." Whoops! I live here. It always feels more LA when you are here!!!

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome trip! love your LF top!

  6. Looks Like Fun! And, the re-enactment made me feel like I was there. :)
    I also read your posts about your encounter. How many people have a story like that to tell? Not many...
    I'm glad that you went and had such a great time,

  7. What a fun trip! I can't wait until I head up there in two weeks ;) I've lived in Cali my whole life and was even born in LA, but I've never acually been to Hollywood! Glad you had a good time.

  8. what a fun trip!!! looving your cream cardigan! so beautiful

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend in my city! :) Love the beachy pictures...

  10. LA looks amazing! I hope I get to visit there someday. Great pictures! :)

  11. Looks like you had a fabulous time!! Love all the pics.

  12. It looks like you had a lot of fun! My boyfriend and I are planning to go visit LA in Feb 2011 since that is when he can get his excited!!

  13. Love it Amber! LA rocks the universe, so cool you can pop down and visit Andi whenever you can, love the pics-thanks for sharing!

  14. Love the Britney encounter reenactment pictures! So fun!

  15. You look so pretty and happy, welcome to L.A. darling and I believe you were right next to to of my favorite restaurants, Back at the Beach, next door to the Annenberg Community Beach house, did you get to try it?
    Great post, and a good time reading,

  16. i'm so glad you had a wonderful time in my town! if you have more time next time, gimme a holler!

  17. Thanks for sharing the pics!! I've never been, but I love seeing pics from people who did. Maybe someday I'll take the trip.. :)

  18. Hi Amber! You should do a post on your shoe collection - would love to see that! Great blog!

  19. Thanks for all the comments ladies!!

    HAIRCUTTING IN HEELS- we totally went there!

    Lyn-Now that my sister is back I will be there often!! So for sure!

    Anonymous-if I ever get organized maybe i can do that but lately I have been wearing about 2 pairs of sandals over and over.

  20. GREAT trip! You look so lovely in all your pictures!

  21. I love your LF top of you! So cute!!!

  22. omg, both of our awesome hotels! how was spin? love the BS re-enactment!