Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look of the Day: Playing Favorites

I'm not good with favorites. I'm too indecisive to just pick one. Favorite color? Blue, Pink, Grey, green, it's hard to choose. Favorite Food? Um, I don't know, does Ketchup count?

Luckily sometimes my favorites things show me they are my favorite, rather then making me choose.
Favorite Movie? well Breakfast at Tiffany's rarely gets put back in the case.
Favorite Coffee Mug? The one that is always in the dish washer.
Favorite shoes, ?he ones that are worn to pieces.

This Rachel Pally Zuma top is evidently one of my favorite pieces to grab. It goes from a wear, to washer, to ready to be hang mode but rarely makes back into the closet before I grab it to throw on.I remember I first purchased it last summer after seeing it's versatility in Shopbop's Ultimate Closet (a favorite feature of mine). And when I spotted Lauren Conrad in it, I was inspired again as to how to wear it.
This is how I wore it yesterday. Just easy to grab and go.
Rachel Pally Slouchy Zuma Tee Shirt, J brand Jeggings (another thing that rarely makes it back the closet piece), headband from who knows where, and my go to Cynthia Vincent sandals (again those rarely make it off my feet) .
In fact I love this shirt so much I re-wore over and over on my Europe Trip.
Let's see where this shirt has been.
Cheering on Deutschland in the World Cup.
On the Lake in Austria.
At a Hotel in Italy.
Visiting Piazza San Marco in Venice.
And Lauren Conrad wearing the Rachel Pally Zuma Shirt.
And How Shopbop styled the Rachel Pally Zuma Tee.

Yay for favorite things, a piece of clothing you can always rely on, and for getting your money's worth out of an overpriced tee.


  1. It is really a great shirt! I always have my eye on it but never bite the bullet! I heart drapey tops though and plan to rock them out this fall!

  2. Amber, you're just so chic! Love it!

  3. i love it as a dress, but i don't think i have the balls to wear it like that.

  4. Love it!! I think this needs to be in my wardrobe now!

  5. haha I agree! I have two off-shoulder tops that I always love to wear!

    so comfy and loose on me!

    this top is cute! how much is it? I want it!

  6. It's so perfect on you Amber, what a great buy!

  7. Thanks Ladies!

    Lynn- I have never worn it like that but I like it too. I am thinking if I wore a mini under it, it would work. okay that is now my goal to wear it like that the next time it comes out of the wash.