Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things I love: Relying on My Pile Style

During the winter I rely on layers to spice up my outfits. During the summer I rely in stacks of rings and bracelets, or as Planet Blue coined it, my pile. While I was in Europe they held a Style Your Pile contest, which I unfortunately missed. But here is my pile.
The bracelets are my favorite part of my pile because they are from some of the places I have traveled to. I try to pick up bracelets everywhere I go. They are an easy souvenir to pack and they make for a nice collection. And sometimes they even serve as a conversation starter.
In this mix I have Bracelets from Beijing, LA, Prague, and Venice. How do you accessorize in the summertime?


  1. I STILL need to get the courage up to wear jewelry other than my wedding band (I don't even wear my engagement ring) and my one necklace...

    I love the way it looks on others but feel like a clown when I wear it myself :(

  2. You look great! And I completely agree picking up mementos on travels are great ways to remember your journey's and add bit of color! I do both in summer and winter!

  3. oh, I love that look on you! I have a hard time with bracelets, because they always get in the way of my working on the keyboard at my computer - I usually end up removing them and then putting them back on later. But you're inspiring me to wear more than less! =) It's such a great, bohemian look.

  4. The layered bracelets is such a cute idea and I love the stories you can tell about each one! Good idea!

  5. I guess my accessory this summer is a baby bump! HA! But I also love bracelets, the perfect necklace, and stylish earrings. I'm also rockin' my "maternity" diamond ring this summer for my swollen fingers- I get lots of compliments and no one needs to know it's faux!!!

  6. What a great idea Amber! I always forget to pick up little mementos from the places I visit. You have inspired me and I will make a mental note to pick up something while I am in Vancouver this week.

  7. Chelsea I sued not want to wear anything but my wedding ring, I guess four years later I'm okay with it.. LOL!

    Thanks taylor!

    Carol-mine don't bother me on my lap top, sometimes ihave to take the right side off though.

    Thanks Lydsy <3

    LOL R! I can't believe I have not seen your bump yet!!!!!!

    Aww thanks Rosa, you always leave the sweetest comments.

  8. pile style!!! what a good term!

    looks good on ya!