Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Love: Anniversaries

Thank you for all the anniversary wishes! I had a great night celebrating! It was our first anniversary not out of town, but after all the time off for my hospital stays and our trip to Europe a mellow week at home was necessary!
Casey still spoiled me and brought me roses home. He also took me too my favorite restaurant for small plates full of local fare and a few sips of wine.
My mom futher spoiled us by trying to sneak over a wedding cake reproduction and a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate. I caught her, but it was amazing nonetheless! I teased her on Facebook asking if she purchased us Lady Gaga tickets...a girl can wish!
My Mutchup (Ketchup + Mustard) bouquet!
Wine Flights.
Mine was excellent. Casey was not a fan of his and left most untouched.
Stuffed guavas.
Unique, almost desert like!
Humus, pita chips and heirloom cucumbers.
Spicy shrimp salad with watermelon and cilantro.
So refreshing and I loved the spice!
A steak dish Casey got.
I enjoyed the salsa and black beans.
Prosecco and cake from our wedding cake bakery.
Thanks Mom!
I definitely need this once a year...but who doesn't love to be spoiled?
YAY for local food, celebrations and four freaking years!!!


  1. OMG that food looks amazing!! so hungry now :)

    Congrats again Amber & Casey!

  2. Happy (belated) anniversary! Husband and I had our first anniversary on the 8th. =) Yay for August anniversaries and many years to come!

  3. Happy Anniversary Amber! Looks like you had a great night!

  4. I am so glad you guys had fun!
    Looking forward to cake leftovers :)

  5. Happy anniversary! The food looks amazing!

  6. Thanks Ladies! Mom you better know Casey!

  7. Happy Anniversary Amber!! It looks like you had a great evening. :)

  8. Happy Anniversary, Amber!!! Looks like it was oh so lovely and what fun pictures...thanks for sharing!

    Liesl :)

  9. Cute cake, now Im gonna cut a slice of my B'day cake. Thanks for the temptation! lol

  10. Happy Anny! What a nice evening! The food looks so tasty and your mom is absolutely darling!

  11. That salad looks ahhh-mazing! I want it! Happy Anniversary!

  12. i love the idea of buying an anniversary cake - something i will do for my next one (even though the bakery our cake was from no longer exists)