Thursday, August 5, 2010

Look of the Day: Dirty Pop

Yesterday I went to Jen's salon to get my hair done. She took my dirty blonde a shade lighter. It's always nice to have a stylist you trust and it helps when they are your BFF (more on that later). After she did my hair we headed to a new restaurant to meet Anne . You don't have to twist our arms to celebrate anything. And we'll use any excuse, like a fabulous new dirty blonde hair-do, to cheers to. We snacked on their fabulous Mediterranean plate and sipped some wine.

The restaurant is pretty popular and we ran into quite a few people we knew. We also ended up chatting with the owners which was really cool. I was trying to tell them importance of using Twitter and Facebook, they were a bit skeptical about it. But I think our Monday Macaroni Sampler idea was a great one! It ended up being a very nice Wednesday night I might start calling Wedges Wednesday because Wednesdays are just better when you are rocking wedges.
The buttons on this Forever 21 shirt remind of Elizabeth and James shirt.
I love how sheer this top is.
And then the camera fell to reveal my messy room.
Forever 21 top, J Brand Jeggings, and sandals from a local boutique.
I ended up changing into wedges, My Cynthia Vincent Target wedges, to be exact.
And my new do.
If any local Bay Area readers ever need a hair stylist feel free to email me!
Yay for dirty blondes, new restaurants and WEDGES!


  1. Your hair looks great Amber!!

    I also love the shot when your camera fell :) Looks sorta artsy

  2. Cute hair! :) Love the shirt too

  3. Great new color! And that top is gorg!!


  4. I like your top and you look fab with the new hair color!

  5. I love that top - it's something I would never go for, but it looks great on you!

  6. Your hair looks awesome! xoxo

  7. Love getting new hair :) lol
    You look fantastic as always!
    I almost bought that F21 shirt, but they only had one and one of the buttons was coming off already :(