Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Look of the Day: Cause When You're Hot its Like You're Burnin Up Everyone Else's Cold

It's hella hot today. How hot? Hella. That's right, summer finally arrived here in California. I was waiting for a heat wave to come around, and it sure is here now. It's been such a strange summer, I've only used the pool a few times, and my dresses sat mainly unused for most of the season as well. Looks like I will get good use out of both this week! Seriously, it's one of those 108' days. I can't even imagine how hot it for people who live further north or east of me are doing, it's brutal!
So hot that I actually rocked shorts.
H&M vest, Gap Shorts, H&M Necklaces, Report sandals.
How do you beat the heat?


  1. I remember almost buying that vest at H&M but decided against it. It is so freaking cute on you and now I regret it. I think they have a longer version now. BTW, I changed my blogger id to match my twitter name :)

  2. I have this same vest, same color! I love it - you rock it well! ;-)

  3. Girl, you did rock those shorts!

  4. oh my, i love your outfit! it really was burninnngggg today! summer is here, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  5. It's swelteringgggg here in SF! What's going on?! Great summer outfit and the perfect day for it!

  6. It was actually "chilly" here in Denver today (for August). I'm really looking forward to fall, that's for sure! I really like your vest!

    (The Pretty Pauper)

  7. love your vest, you look great! Lucky you, It's not that hot at all here in Holland..

  8. cute look with your sleeveless jacket :)

  9. OGM LOL Ehayes!! I forgot to call it that haha!! Tank top jacket!!

    Thanks ladies--and I am jealous of all of you who have cooler weather. I don't mind the heat--if it had been here earlier! Too hot, too late!

  10. Haha! That's it... I couldn't remember exactly what it was... I was close :)

  11. Super cute outfit! Love the shorts. And great photos!! <3

    xx Laura

  12. dresses are my go to hot outfit.. and oh trust me, i've been wearing alot of dresses. it's been over 95 almost everyday for the past month..