Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Party Prep: Do They Still Really Have Prizes in Cracker Jack Boxes?

Go big or Go home is often my motto. I've mentioned countless times before that when I do something like to I go all out. I also love to document every, little element, 500 pictures in one night occurs often. Yes, my poor over worked hard-rive is crammed with pictures, but that's not stopping me.
So when I host party, last minute or not, I like to include as many fun details as I can. But that doesn't necessarily mean running out to buy all new items. So I made a list of all things Breakfast at Tiffany's and tried to include as many elements as I could, and by using as much as I could from my own stock. From cigarette holders, to Cracker Jacks, to the movie sound track, I tried to cover all my ground.
Here are some of the fun details I included at my
Breakfast At Tiffany's Party:

By the door I filled a basket with cigarette holders, cat eye glasses, necklaces, turbins and the cat mask like the one Holly steals. I like people to grab things and get in the mood!
It's a great way to get a party started and the $1.oo cigarette holders from the party store were the only thing I purchased.
Holly even drank her milk out of her champagne coupes so you know we busted these out!
Cracker Jacks with Tiffany blue ribbons served as decorations and favors.
Ode to Holly of course.
Flowers are always a must. And they are a green and cheap way to decorate.
Ribbons are also a great way to incorporate color.
My Mom made trivia games for me.
And using her graphic design skills, she made them pretty!!
She also made me a Amber & Co party sign!!
Books are another way to decorate on the cheap.
I used Truman Capote's Three and Sam Wasson's Fifth Ave at 5 am to add to the everything Breakfast At Tiffany's theme.
And all cellphones had to go in the suitcase, because that is where Holly kept her phone.
And Pennie Lane ended the night on cue.
She kept running outside, and forced all us girls to frantically yell "Cat! Cat! Ohh Cat!!"
Silly Pennie Lane!And thanks to all the lovely ladies who entered my current giveaway !


  1. Ah, it looks like a fun party - can you believe I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's? Your posts always make me want to watch it, though...I'll have to add it to my Netflix list!

  2. What a great part...love how you had touches of Tiffany blue scattered about.

  3. SO cute!! You thought of everything! YOu're so creative!!

  4. fabulous thanks for sharing xxxxx

  5. Your party theme decorating skills are amazing! And Pennie Lane looks sooo cute!

  6. Ashley I kind of having a problem--I watch it too often! You must see it though!

    Thank you Andrea, Miss K, Kirstyb and Amber K-I love to get festive!

  7. I *love* all the touches you added! I would have never thought of them. Phones in the suitcase was brilliant.

    Maybe I'd drink more milk if I used a champagne glass. Something to consider...

  8. What a cute party idea!! I especially love that you used champagne glasses to drink milk out of. I look for any excuse to use my champagne glasses ;)

  9. This looks like a blast!

  10. You are the cutest thing EVER! What a fun party! I wish I could have been there as you seriously thought of everything!

  11. Such a cleaver idea! I wish I was half as cleaver as you! :) Great party!

  12. SOOO Much fun! I'm throwing an "Avant Garden Party" this weekend. I hope everyone dresses up! It's for my friend who is leaving for New Orleans, so I'm setting up a station to make Mardi Gras masks.