Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things I love: Eating Real Food

On Friday my friend Vanessa and I hit up the Eat Real festival in Oakland. The festival is focused on real, quality food. The festival's slogan is Putting the Food back into Fast. With food trucks an street food being all the rage these days Eat Real focuses on food that is cheap, healthy, quality and fast.
Vanessa and I had a fabulous time sipping and nibbling our way through the festival. We also had a wonderful time chatting with the festival volunteers and the owners and chefs of the featured businesses. Everyone was genuinely excited about food and was so friendly.
Mason jars served as glasses.
And of course real drinks to fill up the mason jars.
There were classes, demonstrations and live music.
There was lots of yummy wine, we sampled several of them. I loved the Philo Ridge Pinot Gris. I would have drank it but it was way too early for red wine.

Slider and Corn and Pimento cheese and sausage from Jim and Nicks. SO good!
Jim and Nicks is located in Alabama, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, Tennessee and North & South Caroline. I would highly recommend checking them out.
The best pimento cheese I have ever had! YUM!
Can't touch this.
Loving it!
Polenta Pizza from Pizza Politana.
Quite possibly the best pizza I ever ate....and I was in Italy this summer!

Miss Carson, an eight year fashionista who had the most amazing necklace I have ever seen.
It was like a dollhouse on a necklace, it featured miniature cooking utensils.
She told me she got it in Mexico, but man, I wish I would love to wear this to a festival.
Creme freaking brulee. In a mason jar, none-the-less. These sold out, and it's no surprise because they were amazing!If ever in San Francisco, the Eat Cream Heat Creme Brulee should not be missed.

Let's Be Frank 100% Grass fed hot dogs.
Tikka Masala burrito From Curry Up Now, genius!
I just love food festivals, especially ones that focus on being green, local an healthy! It doesn't get any better then that!


  1. I wanted to go to that, but it just didn't work out :( Looks amazing though, especially the masala burrito!

  2. ahh man I totally wanted to go to this! Looks like I missed out!
    p.s. I'm following the creme brulee cart on Twitter now haha, I will find them!

  3. Thanks for your comments about CurryUpNow's Tikka Masala Burrito. BTW, the Creme Brulee pictures are from the other Creme Brulee guy in SF, not the cart. We cook at the same kitchen in SF. He has amazing stuff.

  4. Thank you for the correction I just edited!

  5. need a slice of polenta pizza!!!

  6. Nice coverage of the ERF! I love your pictures. If you are into food trucks, you should check out Off The Grid, every Friday 5-9PM at Fort Mason in SF.

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  8. Gosh this post makes me hungry! Looks like you had a great time!

  9. Yum that food looks so good! Wish I could've gone to this!

  10. Hmm.. getting hungry here! Love that necklace!