Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 11, 12 and 13. I think.

I lost track of the days already. However, I do know it is the fourth of July and I am enjoying the view from my Venetian hotel room instead of watching a typical fireworks show I am watching the most amazing lighting light up the sky. I was a little upset earlier when the rain was dumping, although the boys enjoyed the break from the heat.
Two days ago we finished our stay in Vienna by touring the rest of the sites, not before stopping at a carnival to check out the rides. The crazy rides theory in Europe stood up in Austria, we went on an insane water ride, a swing ride that took you up really high and we couldn't resist the fun house which was way crazier then the Aushfenburg fun house. It was a fun goal to hit up amusement park rides in every country, but so far it looks like our Italy stay will keep that streak alive

Yesterday we drove from Vienna to
Italy and along the way we stopped at Lake Ossiacher which amazing! Such a chill and beautiful place. We then continued through the Alps and stopped in a small Italian city for dinner and hotel room. My dinner was recommended for me by the waitress and was amazing, all the boys were jealous.

Today was spent exploring the city, which is amazing but very touristy! The best parts of our day were when we walked off the beaten path. or when the hot turned stormy weather turned on us. Tomorrow we plan to hit up the major sites. Happy Fourth and be safe tonight!!


  1. awwww lucky! Italy sounds beautiful! :)

    Happy 4th of July too!


  2. Your trip sounds amazing! Can't wait to see pics! And, so glad you're feeling well!

  3. SOunds great! I feel the same about Venice, 2 days is about enough! Although the last time I was there, I had no luggage so I was forced to shop for our entire European vacation in the limited number of stores they have there...oh yeah underwear shopping in venice - not fun! HA!