Friday, June 4, 2010

Things I Love: Sandals, Sunnies and Giveaway Winners!

Being home in the morning is not something I get to do often so today I took full advantage of being home during the morning sample sales! I always cringe when I see the amazing prices and pieces that I miss at Gilt and Haute look. Well I lucked out today because one of my favorite brands Joie, had a sale going on today on Gilt and I snagged a few pairs of Joie shoes, hopefully some of them workout. I also snagged a really cool VPL bra, I have a new theory on bra's that I should address one of these days, especially after Lynn's question today. All in all I was stoked to finally be able to join in on the sample sales that I get emails about daily! LOL
Other perks of the day included being spoiled by Casey not only did he make me breakfast and lunch (a stretch for a non cook like him) he also gave me a sweet pair of Tom Ford sunglasses to perk me up! I guess taking it easy isn't all that bad.
Package from Neiman Marcus!
Don't mine the just out of the shower hair.
Tom Ford Liliana'sI'm hoping one or more of these work out for my trip to Europe.
Joie Its My Party Sandal

And Congratulations to JoyPeck Joy Earhook Giveaway Winners Coley and Teresa! And the two voucher winners are Sarah and Couture and Crayons. Please email me ladies. Thanks again to Joy!! Make sure to check out her adorable her boutique if you have not already!

Yay for sandals, sunnies and my friend Sadye's baby mason!


  1. Awww! Mason wants to give you a big, wet, sloppy kiss!

  2. Love the sunglasses, Casey really knows how to pick them! The sandals are all cute too, lucky you being home at the right time :)

  3. Wooo hoooo to lovely earrings and your gorgeous new sunnies! Thanks doll!

  4. Wow thanks, I never win anything. What a treat. I'll shoot you an email. Yay!


  5. wasn't it cool to see little mason on the blog? he's so cute!!! and i can't wait to hear the answer to my question - i am always looking for a good bra.

  6. i was away on vacation so I didn't see you were in the hospital!!! oh my gosh!! I hope you are feeling better--get well girly! ;)

  7. Omg, Did Sadye just happen to be there? Or does She 'know' Eat Live Run?

  8. Those sunnies look great on you! Those wedges are AMAZING!!! OHG, drool.

  9. Suzy- Sadye went to a meet a blog meet up she put together.

    Thanks ladies!

  10. Love love love LOOOOOVE those sunglasses!! I'd so loooove to own them! but definitely don't want an expensive pair - I've seen how I throw them around here in China!


    PS glad you are home!!!

  11. What a sweet hubster! Those glasses are hot! Love the bra you bought, as well as the shoes! Get well darling!