Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amber's {outfit} Notebook: Setting the Tone

There's something so comforting about coming home. It always feels like a fresh start, or maybe it's Monday that makes things feel like a fresh start to me. With a new month just on the horizon I am setting mini goals for myself and planning my schedule to make time for them. Now that the days longer and the weather warmer it seems so much easier to fit in time to make it to the gym, and later sunsets make evening walks so much more enjoyable. I am also hoping to put some time into my garden this coming week. Taking time to think about myself and my goals always makes me feel so much better, especially when things, like emails, can pile up so quickly after a weekend away. I look forward to an April full of gardening, fresh and healthy meals, and a putting a little more exercise in the books.
I am looking forward to ditching my boots in April as well.
Style Tip: When wearing flowy blouses pair with a long pendant necklaces to keep the top from appearing to baggy. They help reign everything in, when you aren't relying on a belt for waist definition. Also make sure to pair with slimming jeans and a fitted cardigan, opt for only one piece that doesn't define your figure.
Joie Glendale cheetah top, similar olive sweater, Forever 21 pendant and sunglasses, deena and ozzy boots and J Brand martini jeans.
I'd love to hear what some of your current goals or plans are for yourself and how you take accountability for achieving them.


  1. This is a great post. I have been incredibly tired because of all the stress and projects at my job, so the main reason I started the blog was to have a fun outlet. I really want my blog to get better and I know that means putting some work into it, I just don't want to stress out too much about it. It's my fun project. So my goal right now is to keep the blog fun and continue to enjoy working on it. I have come out with a few lists of posts that I want to do for the blog and I am making plans to accomplish that. So for me, just making lists and giving myself a reasonable timeline usually work well.

  2. Like the look a lot! I also wanna ditch the boots!


  3. Rosa! That's why I love to blog as well. It gives me something every to 'create' and look forward to doing. It makes me happy AND I feel like it keeps me accountable for goals I set. For instance if I put them in writing for others to read I feel I'm more accountable then if I just tell myself My goals. Thanks for the comment!

  4. cute pics. Right now our goal is to get a job and pass the barr!!! There's plenty of accountability over here, maybe we should make a little goal for more FUN?!?! I can't wait to have a garden someday :)

  5. Love the pendants it makes a great statement, never thought about it before but you are so right, they keep flowy tops from making you look preggers!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  6. My first goal is always to shed a little extra lbs. ;) I think you just have to put yourself first because if you dont, no one else will and by this I mean making time for yourself to work out, it is extremely important. Lovely outfit :) xx-Jackie

  7. I am so happy it finally stopped raining and the weather is supposed to be in the 70s and 80s. My immediate goal is to clean up my garden and do a little annuals planting this weekend.

    I love the outfit. Although I am going to kind of miss my boots. I have grown very attached:) I am sure I will get over it the first time I put on a pair of flip flops:)

  8. Amber, I love this outfit - it strikes that perfect balance between "casual & comfy" and "stylish & pulled together." You look great. =)