Monday, March 7, 2011

How I Shop: Timeless Pieces

On Friday Annie and I made the trek out to The Paris Flea Market to look through vintage, antique and retro treasures. We spent a good portion of our time trying on vintage clothing, shoes, hats and jewelry. I just love that some things always hold their style and relevance for year, like cheetah, gold hoops and cocktail rings. Some of my favorite pieces that didn't make it home with me were a vintage Oscar De la Renta polka dot dress, and baby doll hot pink night gown from the 50's.
What did make it home with me was a mid calf pleated cheetah skirt (an $8 find), a vintage cocktail ring and hoop earrings.
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An almost identical skirt here.
Gold hoops,
and a similar cocktail ring.


  1. Oh how exciting! I want to see that skirt soon. I love vintage clothing.

  2. I wish I had more options for vintage clothing in my area. It's just few and far between and generally for a much older crowd. Maybe I should get a little more brave and order some online...

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  3. I wish I could visit flea markets full of fabrics, and vintage goodies. It would make my closet so much prettier ^.^

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  4. love it! i have a similar skirt as well. i love vintage because it's always in style, not like some trends that are over in a couple months. and you can find more unique items that way :D

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  5. Amber - I have not heard of the Paris Flea Market! I will need to head out to Livermore and check it out. I love your finds!

  6. So lucky to have these awesome places so nearby! Great, great finds.

  7. What gorgeous finds!! I think my most treasured possessions were all flea market finds =)

    stop by!

  8. what a great find! jealous!

    vintage chanel giveaway if you are interested:

  9. what an amazing find!! That skirt looks fab and so do the hoops. xo

  10. Thanks Amber, I had so much fun, hopefully we can go next month too! I may have to buy that F21 skirt ;)

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  11. Love those earrings!

  12. Gorgeous gold pieces + leopard print.

  13. Oh, I'm not brave enough to wear a whole piece of leopard-print clothing yet, but I'm on the hunt for the perfect leopard print shoes. Can't wait ot see you in this skirt!

  14. Such a beautiful ring! I wish there were places around here to do some vintage shopping!


  15. Lovvvve the skirt and the ring!