Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amber's {shoe} Notebook: Out with the Old, In With the New

If you read my blog over the fall and winter, I apologize for the copious amount of times you saw me wear these Ozzy & Deena tread boots. I must have wore them nearly every-other day. Mostly because it was hard not to wear them - they kept my feet warm, gave me a few inches and are incredibly comfy and practical.
I am all but certain that these Seychelles 'Greatest Hits' wedge sandals will be my go-to sandal this spring and summer. They offer a similar height, comfort and have just enough fun in them to be my everyday shoe.
You'll also be seeing quite a bit of these Wanted 'Sunshine' wedges, that the folks over at Wanted so generously sent over to me.
Thank you to the folks at Wanted.
Speaking of summer shoes, after forgetting to pack sandals for Arizona I made an emergency trip to Target and picked up this pair of Women's Mossimo Palila Beaded Flat Sandals in Black. Casey insisted that I get the black and orange ones since we were in town to watch the Giants but I like them so much, I kind of want to go get the nude pair, which I like even more then the black ones.
What sandals and wedges are making the cut for you this season?


  1. Those nude sandals are GREAT!!!!! Both top and the ones you want from Target!!! I say go get the second pair. I am a nude sandal freak love them!

  2. Love the nude! Target does make a fun variety of sandals :) XX-Jackie

  3. love the wedges! i'm currently on the hunt for the perfect nude sandal to go with summer dresses. you have a great assortment of shoes, haven't seen a single one that i don't like :)

  4. Wow - those Wanted wedges are incredible. They look perfect for a fun summer day.

  5. Wanted is such a great brand!! Wish I got to work with them!!! :(


  6. Don't you love Seychelles? I'm not sure how I ever lived without knowing they exist.

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  7. Oh those Wanted wedges are perfect! I love them. They will be perfect with your wide leg jeans!

  8. Thank you for inspiring me to get those D&O boots. I love them!

    Also from one blogger to another (and since I know you love Lady Gaga), can you help me out by voting so I can blog backstage at her show? Thanks!!

  9. Those flat sandalas are so pretty, love the ethnic look to them! I'm all about wedges and platforms for spring, my toes want to see sun light!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  10. The hidden mix tape_ I just voted!

    yay lots of other shoe and sandal lovers like me, and I love how you are encouraging me to buy more!! LOL!

  11. Love all the new sandals! I cannot wait for some warm weather so I can get my feet out!!


  12. I desperately want those Wanted wedges in Yellow! The blue ones seem to be calling my name now, too! :-)