Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look of the Day: Half Full

Not sure what I miss more, getting dressed, eating, or talking. And I can't help but wonder which of those will be the first to make it back in the rotation. I suppose I picked a good week to be laid up on the couch, since I'm totally missing out on the rain. See I'm always looking at the glass half full. My garden gets rain and I get to avoid dressing around it, I couldn't ask for a better plan.
pictures from last week
Picture 39
Elizabeth and James blazer, Citizen of Humanity Morrison jeans, LF blouse, Deena and Ozzy boots.
Picture 38
If you didn't see my previous post about For Japan With Love, make sure to check it out to find out why myself and many other bloggers will not be blogging on Friday March 18th.
This post was scheduled and the pictures are from last week. This week I am recovering from my tonsillectomy, please enjoy my posts from when I was feeling better!!


  1. Lovely pics, get well soon :)


  2. you look great and I love the blazer :) amazing!! ohh and I am so jealous about the green background... lovely!!

    feel better :)

  3. Just found your blog.... I am loving it! Hope you feel better soon! What a classic blazer!

  4. I love this look. Have a great weekend and thanks for all the texts yesterday! I told M you were laughing about the cookie pic and we all think it's pretty funny. Love that you love to laugh :)

  5. I love this outfit. it's so me! and get better asap. that's an order.

  6. Beautiful! Absolutely adore this outfit, that blazer is SO cute & I'm a huge fan of C of H jeans SO comfy & fab fit. Have a lovely weekend. xx veronika

  7. just blog stalked your blog and i love it! do you live in san francisco??

  8. Lovely! Hope you are feeling better soon!