Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amber's {shopping} Notebook: Royal Treatment

Spring is in the air and that means I finally ready to make a few purchases for the season. I have learned to not shop too much before the weather turns. If I do I end up with too much, things I no longer love, and many things let over with tags on them. So now that I can wear things, I will buy them.
First and foremost this Marc Jacobs Simone dress has me buzzing. You know the one worn by the First lady herself? I think this dress is just amazing and if the price (ever) drops I may get my hands on it.
Luckily the fabulous J from Look for Less found this amazing colorful dress that will satisfy my need for bright colorful stripes!
I purchased this dress as soon as she posted the deal.
Use code THE MUSICISSUE for 10% off and Ebates for 3% back.
Now I am just lusting over this amazing Short Kimono Dress by Issa. You've heard of Issa London right? Just designer that the soon-to-be Princess Kate Middelton adores. First the First Lady, now the Princess-to-be. I've got Presidential-Royal taste, can't you tell? I must get my hands on one of Issa's kimono dresses, if for no other reason then to wear while watching the royal wedding -- you KNOW I'm going all out for that.
So please tell me, what dresses are sparking your fancy these days?


  1. Love both of these, especially the kimono dress. I just ordered a leather dress actually.. we'll see if I end up pulling it off!

    have your cake & eat it too

  2. love the kimono, and what a really good point, the earlier you shop the more junk you end up with that ends up shoved away in a big pile in my closet :P

  3. Oh la la, I like all three outfits. Great finds.


  4. I have been drooling over the Marc Jacobs dress since I first saw it. I need it in my closet.

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  5. I recently bought a kimino top from Zara that I'm obsessed with! Love the dress.

  6. Love that mj dress. There is a really cute Marc one at scoop somewhat like it (can't post the link on my dumb iPad) that is 25% off with their f&f.

  7. Great finds :)))

    LOVE minnja

  8. LOVE that short kimono dress you posted! Issa is one of my favorite brands. I posted a few of my favorite summer dresses on my blog if you care to have beautiful taste :)

  9. I love how color that MJ dress is! AND love that post below on your stylish grandma! SO cute!!

  10. Love all the colors in that stripe dress. I hope you get the UO dress soon...

  11. I LOVE that Issa dress.

    So effortless and easy, easy to wear. I could even wear that over skinny jeans with ballet flats for a casual weekend look.

    Great post.

  12. rosa- I hope I do too!

    Thank you Alicia!

    Blithely Unaware - i know isn't it just amazing??