Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Should Amber Wear?

The last time I asked you all what dress I should wear it quite the success, so I decided to rely on your trusted opinion again and pose to you the question "What should Amber wear?". On April 2nd I am going to the Charity Fashion Show in San Francisco and I will be wearing a dress from Rent the Runway to it, and I'd like your help picking out what dress I will wear. I can wear any dress that is available on Rent the Runway for the dress but here are some of the dresses I have narrowed it down to. Special thanks to HipLip for her suggestions!
Tibi Abstract Flower Dress
I love the back and detail on this dress.
Picnik collagetibi abstract flower
Tibi Snow Leopard Dress
Love the print, back and leather details.
tibi white snow leopard
Tibi Calla Lily Cap Sleeve Dress
I think that this dress is something I would never purchase but I think it looks fun to wear and perfect for spring.
Picnik collage
Cynthia Vincent French Trellis Dress
Again, this dress looks incredibly fun to wear and it's one I would never purchase myself.
Picture 12
Vena Cava Pow Wow Dress
Love the hip details, and I am kind of obsessed with Vena Cava so I would love to wear one of her dresses.
Picture 11
Halston Heritage Liquid Gold Dress
A little bit of a departure for me in terms of style but I think it's an incredibly cool dress.
Picture 10
Let me know what you ladies think of if you have any other suggestions!


  1. Thanks for the follow on twitter!

    I love the Tibi Calla Lily Cap Sleeve Dress

    But for the charity fashion show: Tibi Snow Leopard Dress + Killer Heels!



  2. Hands down, #1!!! it's amazing!

  3. I voted for the Snow Leopard, but also love the HH Liquid Gold. For an evening fashion show you can go a little more edgy!

  4. I love the Snow Leapoard Dress and can totally see you rocking it! I also love the yellow dresses- and since they aren't something you'd normally purchase they might be fun to try out ;)

    Confessions of a Navy Wife..

  5. Honestly debating between the Tibi floral and the Halston. I think you would look great in either one of those dresses.

  6. I voted for HH but VC is close second!

  7. I almost got that Halston for my Xmas party, but it wasn't available.

    I really love the 3rd Tibi dress. It says spring and fun from the front, but says sex kitten from the back. :)

  8. Thanks for all your feedback ladies! I love hearin your opinions!

  9. Definitely the first dress! I love the back of it.

  10. love the first dress - it's so unique!

  11. I voted for that gorgeous halston because you could do amazing things with it, but the Tibi Calla would be my second pick.

  12. I love all of the colors in the Tibi Calla Lily Cap Sleeve Dress!

  13. These are all so cool, I love the dramatic backs. I voted for the Vena Cava for you, not everyone can pull it off, but you sure can!

  14. Go for #3! (Tibi Calla Lily Cap Sleeve Dress) You will totally stand out with your hair and the color of the dress!

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    outfits FOR SALE from $10!

  15. I would go for one of the first two tibi dresses! i love them both!!!


  16. I love the first one and the Halston! Tough choice!

  17. i voted for the vena cava! i am going to that event too.

  18. From the way the votes went, always go with your first instict. The Tibi Abstract Flower dress is gorgeous without being too loud.


  19. good choices, but I don't think any of them compares to the golden dress, it's amazing! do that!!!.. it's so 50's glam.. love it!
    stay cool..

  20. I'm obsessed with everything Tibi, but I think the top choice is the cutest! I'm excited that you are taking advantage of RTW- can't wait to try it. Let us know what you think of it!

  21. It's spring girlfriend..I am a huge black fan but I say skip it and go to the bright colors! My safe bet would be one of the black or even the gold ones..but I say we only live once and go bold..go for the Halston or the Tibi...Halston..I would buy to wear again to a fun disco party or out on the town in San Francisco..and like you say..I would never buy the Tibi, but if you have the option to wear it, I say go for it! You will stand out in the crowd in that one! I hope I helped! :)

  22. Oh and by the Tibi..I meant the bright cap sleeve one ;)

  23. I love that first Tibi dress. It's absolutely stunning!

  24. Calla Lilly, it's nice and bright for spring.

  25. i vote for #1! (because i own it.. :) but it's a great dress and would look AMAZING on you.

  26. I'm smitten with the Cynthia Vincent dress, even if everyone else isn't!