Saturday, February 6, 2010

Look of The Day (Preview): Coke Can Curlers

I am getting ready to head out for our date night but pretty sure this is what I will be wearing, and hopefully my curlers come out alright. Doing hair and makeup of far from my strong point, but I still try to give it a good shot. I had a little photobooth session attempting to emulate Ashley Olsen's Marie Claire Coke can photo shoot. I kind of have a photobooth problem. Is anyone else obsessed with it? What is that program even supposed to be used for?
Tentative Look of the Day: Christian Louboutin Mary Jane Platform Heels, similar here. And Forever 21 dress. Other similar Forever 21 dresses: pleated pocket dress here , here , here (love those colors) and here
I am really trying to get hot rollers down, my friend Lindsey achieves the perfect waves and volume with them. I just don't think I have enough hair. Yes, I am dork. This is what I do while I wait for curls to set:
And gorgeous Ms. Ashley Olsen looking incredibly glam. Now I would love volume like that.
Hope you have great Saturday night, despite all the rain and snow.


  1. haha adorable! The CLs are TDF! Have fun tonight!

  2. LOL! I love it. And hello, pretty pretty pretty shoes. *grabs*

  3. I lOVE it, Thank you for reminding me I need to pack up my hot rollers.
    Happy Weekend.

  4. I love it!! Have a fun date night!! Is it a dinner and movie? I have to live through you... date night are far and few in bettween for us since we had Madison! :O)

  5. how does the F-ing hair stay around the coke cans?! DONT TRICK ME OLSEN.

  6. LOL thanks girls!

    I guess I need to bust out my CL collection more, they rarely make into the rotation.

    LOL Modg I have no idea, I only wish I knew.

  7. Wow, I LOVE that picture of you Amber! You look adorable, and it's a great recreation of Ashley's pic.

  8. What hot rollers do you use?? I tried some awhile back and they kept falling out! :/

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