Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dreaming Of: Retro Pool Parties

This morning I started to get the hankering for throwing a retro pool party.
Is it too early to be planning my pool parties?
Picture 9
I imagine I would have to have some chilled Coke in glass bottles, and perhaps a punch bowl - just don't blame me if it gets spiked!
And I'll be sure to serve some '50's appetizers before I fire up the grill.
Picture 11
Naturally, I'll don some cat eyes and a retro inspired swimsuit.
Perhaps this look, a 'la the original '59 Barbie.

Picture 12
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So darlings, who wants to join me? Just don't forget your beach ball.
Bonus points if you arrive in a '57 turquoise Bel Air!


  1. Can I come? LOL. I swear, you throw the best parties, and I can totally see you doing this!

  2. Um I couldn't think of a better guest then you! You could wear your 50's housewife outfit over =)

  3. I love this party idea!! Too bad I don't have a pool.... :)

  4. Bring it on Amber. I am so ready for this one...I'll even fly up on my broom and sweep around the pool in my Mrs. Roper gear!!


  5. We need to live closer to each other. I was just saying, after watching Mad Men, I want to have a dinner party and wear pearls and frothy hostess aprons.

  6. It sounds fun! I can't even think of pool parties with all this crazy snow we have been getting in NJ!