Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things I Love: Audrey & Marilyn

I love blogging because I get to celebrate and share the things I love and enjoy -- and sometimes the things I obsess over. I guess that made Christmas shopping for me a little easier this year, because there was a certain Amber's Notebook theme going on. See what I mean...
Thank you Andi, Rena, Sheila, and Mom for all my Audrey and Marilyn gifts.
I am planning on using some of the Calendar pictures for a black and white picture display, inspired by one I saw at a Club Monaco Store
Hmm I wonder what movie I should watch tonight...


  1. lovem both as well and have them both on my wall actually! haha xoxo

  2. I love those mugs and b/w/color prints in the front!

    My vote is for Roman Holiday. I've been wanting to watch that one for about a week now. AH is one of my all time favorites.

  3. I am crazy for Audrey too! I'm planning to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's this week because I haven't seen it in a while and need an Audrey fix.


  4. I love Audrey...goregous, classy, chic!