Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look of the Day: Go Ask Alice

I mentioned that I have been organizing lately, and it made me realize that I have been neglecting some of my pieces. So yesterday I made en effort to grab one that hadn't made it out for awhile. I purchased this jacket a few years ago after seeing it on Jenifer Love Hewitt wearing it. I just love the nautical feel it has. And since I was wearing it with jeans I decided to add color by wearing a red top, and a yellow headband and scarf.
Yesterday it was still pretty 'chilly' out!
I always feel slightly like Alice in Wonderland with a headband in...
I don't think I'll ever have enough striped tops.
Kimichi Blue Jacket, Urban Oufitter's striped top (similar), JCrew necklace, COH jeans, and Deena and Ozzy boots.
Just trying to stay warm!
Hope your Wednesday is going well so far!


  1. i have been loving stripes lately too! the last pic is exactly how i've felt all has been so COLD in sf!!


  2. You look adorbs...and I wish your CA cold was cold - Cali girl stuck in Chicago over here, today high of 25!

  3. That jacket is so fab! love the stripes too :)

  4. Great outfit!
    Did you change the way your take your pics? They look great!!!
    Odd note, there is a book called "Go ask Alice" It's a super easy yet interesting read. If you like kinda true stories.

  5. u look cute dahling!(: I agree! I'm so into stripes too!

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Stripes are my favorite! I love them. My BF looked in my closet the other day and asked why I had 7 of the same shirt lol.

  7. Ditto! I have so many striped tops and I keep buying more!


  8. So cute, I love that last picture!!!

  9. Thanks Ladies!! And YAY for stripe lovers!

    Daisy_ I got new lens for chirstmas so that is why my pics look different, glad you like it!

  10. Oh and Daisy That is why i named the post that. my friend V an i loved that book!!

  11. You look so warm and cozy in this outfit. These jeans are fantastic, they make your legs look so long!

  12. A girl can never have too many stripes, polka dot or tortoise in my book! (Ruffles are starting to fall into that list too for me...)

    I love this look; the yellow is a great punch of color for it!