Monday, January 24, 2011

Look of the Day: The History Channel

It may be Monday but I'm still thinking about my weekend. I woke up sore from my Sunday morning yoga and still have pictures from my lunch with my family to download. On Saturday I spent my morning coaching my OM team and then in the evening Casey and I got a quick bit to eat, but not before settling in and watching a good 4 hours of the history channel. Casey and I love the History Channel. Our favorite shows include American Pickers and Top Gear. We also love their specials. On Saturday we watched The Third Reich: The Rise and the Fall. Hard to watch at some points but very interesting.

I was still playing with patterns on Saturday, I have been trying to play with different hair styles as well.
Free People Coat and Headband, Urban Outfitters dress {similar} w/ H&M skirt on top, and Nine west boots {similar}.
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Are you a History channel fan like us?


  1. Im glad we're not the only "young" couple who enjoy the History Channel!! Love those same shows and also "Cities of the Underworld" about secret underground tunnels and rooms Its really interesting! We watch the History Channel when we arent watching Seinfeld!! wink wink =) Suzanne

  2. LOl Suzanne, Love that we have the same TV Taste! I like those underground tunnel shows too. It's so interesting!!

    And thank you for being such a loyal and longtime reader!!

  3. I'm definitely a fan of mixing prints!! :) You look great hun.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. LOL I made a mini 'appearance' on your blog (FB comment). Haaa!

  5. You look fabulous, as always. And Husband and I are History Channel fans too. We have very similar taste in TV (American Pickers and Top Gear are def two of our favorites). We actually watched the The Third Reich: The Rise and the Fall this weekend too. It was very interesting.

  6. oooh husband and I also watch History a lot, too. American Pickers is one of my favorites. Mike actually laughs like my husband when he gets going, it cracks me up. We also watch Pawn Stars, and IRT. Husband watches AxMen and Modern Marvels and any documentary lol

  7. OMG!!! my hubby and I LOVE Top Gear - the Brit version though, not the American one. btw, I'm hosting a $100 Sohpbop giveaway on my blog, come check it out :)

  8. yes, LOVE the history channel. it's usually the only thing that the fiance and i can agree on (he wants sports, i like bravo), but we'll BOTH watch the history channel!

    and, such a pretty outfit, as usual! man, i wish i could wear headbands like that.

  9. What a gorgeous coat! The headband is super cute as well! I don't watch the history channel that often but my boyfriend and I love the Discovery channel!

  10. You look adorable!! I love the headband!!! I am a GREEN network fan - currently addicted to the old Alaska Project shows!

  11. That coat is awesome! You look fabulous. My Hubby loves the History Channel. I'm ok with it. I like my TV to be more brain candy. I'm a little shallow like that. Now books, that's a totally different story.

  12. I love the headband on you Amber!!!