Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lessons Learned: Don't Judge a Chore by It's Name

So far I've learned at least one thing int 2011.
Being neat isn't all that bad.
Sometimes cleaning means trying on {and organizing} things I forgot about.


  1. Great photo and I agree. There's nothing better than cleaning out your closet and stumbling across hidden treasures you had completely forgotten about! xo

  2. I always have a good time cleaning out my closet - I get to rediscover all sorts of lovely items that I had sort of forgotten about, it's almost like a shopping trip.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. You should be a photographer Amber, your pictures are always so beautiful! Love the shoes too :)


  4. that's how I clean out my closet, too!

  5. Girl you have lots of Loubies... How could you EVER forget about those?! :)

  6. Trying on shoes is definitely NOT a chore!

  7. Taylor-because I save them! I need to stop doing that!

    Sweet laundry- that is true but if ou saw my previous closet/room mess it was a chore I was not excited to tackle lol!

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  9. love this picture!!! but i am just like you.. i never wear my loubie's because i don't wanna ruin the sole hahaha.. my husband says that defeats the purpose of me actually having the shoes... :( haha

  10. I COMPLETELY understand.
    I probably shouldn't attempt to tidy up my closet unattended if I expect to get anything done.

  11. I love having little sort outs! However I almost always get distracted and end up trying things, customising outfits to make them current - I hate throwing things away!

    Great blog! I'm thinking about doing the same thing with a daily outfit, just need to find somewhere to prop the camera!

    I'm your newest follower, would be great if you'd check out my little blog and follow back :)


    p.s sorry for the MAHUSSIVE comment! :/