Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flowers of the Week: Fresh Start

One thing I love about January is how fresh and clean it feels. While I love Christmas decorations and having a Christmas tree in the house, it was so nice to clear everything out and have the house back. The minimalist look of the house right now seems to be the perfect thing to start the New Year off with. So for the first bouquet of the year I combined two Trader Joe's bunches to create this fresh look. Only 4 days in this year but I loving it already. I can't wait for the flowers that pop up after the raining season.
The Christmas tree used to stand beyond the coffee table.I am enjoying the light from the window that the tree was blocking before.


  1. Just beautiful! Gotta Love TJ's for having everything you need in one spot.

  2. Love those flowers Amber! TJ's is always my favorite flower spot.

  3. Oh these are gorgeous and make me feel so happy!

  4. Such a pretty arrangement! I miss the christmas decs but love how clean and fresh everything is also! Good call and Happy New Year Pretty Lady!

  5. So pretty and peaceful!

  6. Very pretty creation!

    I would love to do fresh flowers for the house...only problem is the cats. How do you keep yours from not picking at the flowers?

  7. MIchelle- my cat never bothers the flowers. She never seems to bother them and she walks all over that table. Have you tried putting flowers out?

    Thanks ladies!

  8. There was one time that I had fresh flowers out in a glass vase...we woke up in the middle of the night to a loud crash on the floor. Luckily the vase was small and sturdy and did not break. Perhaps I could try again, being sure to not use an expensive vase...and nothing poisonous! :p

  9. I know the feeling, but sometimes it comes later for me... I'm such a procrastinator about taking the tree down. ((Yes, its still up)) But, i'm not turning the lights on at night at least :-).

    The flowers are beautiful. I like the way you percieve the light from the window... Glass is half full... :-)