Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I love: It's in the Bag

A Hasty Life
I'm not a purse person per se, but recently I have become obsessed with my purse because of my new Marc By Marc Jacbos classic Q Little Ukita bag in Rose. So when Ashley of A Hasty Life asked me to participate in her blog crawl I was very excited to show you all what I keep in my purse.
One requirement I have for my purses is that they are big enough to hold my camera.
And this purse fits the bill.
Canon Digital Rebel XSi w/Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom
Apple iPhonew/Star Wars Darth Vader Case
Vera Bradley Mini Notebook
Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats
Coach Wristlet
Eclipse Spearmint Gum
Instead of using a wallet I use my Coach wristlet. It seems to work better for me to keep my cards and spare change and dollars in.
You know I love Notebooks and I always have one one me. Even though I use my iPhone notepad, nothing will replace real notebooks for me.
And I always carry my business cards with in a pouch I purchased while traveling in Vienna.
I have a slight oral fixation and go through about a pack a day. Don't worry, I mean of gum!
And my ring tone is The Imperial March to match my Darth Vader case.
I am not a big makeup person but I have learned that I like having some makeup with me to if I feel the need to fancy up, or freshen up after a trip to the gym or have a blog event to attend after work.
So I keep my favorites on hand:
Yves Saint Laurent Lip Gloss
Yves Saint Laurent Concealer
Harajuku Lovers Love by Gwen Stefani
Keep the blog crawl going and check out yesterday's poster The Day Book and tomorrow's post at the Things I Love blog.
What do you keep in your bag?


  1. my bag is like yours...choc' full of stuff! i absolutely love that you have a darth vader iphone unexpected, it made me smile. i always have to have a real notebook/planner too...i like writing things down.


  2. I am a huge Marc by Marc Jacobs fan so I am in love with your bag. I am also nosey and love seeing what others have in their bags. I'm like others and have a big bag but can never find what I am looking for when I need it. Great post.

  3. I love your bag! I love big bags and now that I have a camera, I am glad that it fits in most of the bags I have. BTW, what kind of cover do you use for your camera? I recently bought a Canon as well and I want to take proper care of my baby.

  4. I love your bright pink bag!! I need something that bright so I won't forget it. haha. I also love your business cards. Do you find that you use them often? I'm thinking about getting some but I'm afraid I'll never use them!

    <3 Ashley

  5. The bag is beautiful and camera is awesome.

  6. I first told Rosa (Love at First Shop) about this little pouch full of a million things that I keep in my purse. Check it out!

  7. I would love to do this blog crawl. I love that purse, I know I've said it before. You clearly have it all together.

  8. idratherbeshopping-I'm glad someone enjoyed that I love Star wars ;)

    It is a great bag Lou, and the thing is it's not too big!

    Rosa-I'm going to be honest - I don't use a cover for my camera. I have out it in purse or shoe bags before I tend to just throw it in my camera and just make sure that my keys or anything that could scratch it are in a small pocket away from it. I've had my camera for about 4 years and found it to be pretty resilient.

    Ashley- I use them all the time! And if you ever go a blog meetup I find them to be essential.

    oh so petite-Thanks! I love them both!

    Sweet Laundry-Cool! I will come check it out!

    Lu @ Done Dieting said- lue that is so sweet but so far from the truth!!

  9. Yes!!! Another Eclipse fan! I'm not joking when I tell you that my husband and I stock pile eclipse gum. ;)

  10. I wish I could remember to always carry my camera with me - and I always carry business cards too!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. That bag is gorgeous! I love it!

    Just came across your blog! It's great!


  12. Amber I love the bag - the color and shape are great. It's pretty amazing that you can fit your camera PLUS more stuff in there. Thank God in heaven no one's asked what's in my bag - I'm fairly certain no one needs to see 1700 particles of tissue lint. oy

    And now can we discuss the Vader case? mildly fixated on that little baby!

  13. I love these posts! your mj bag is gorg!

  14. Always love finding out what's in a person's bag, and what a cute bag you have!

    Liesl :)

  15. Darth Vader iPhone cover? I think I love you.

  16. amnber---I think we might be related. I have the MbMJ hillier hobo in the same color. It takes a certain type of girl to carry a hot pink bag. I <3 you!

  17. new follower and I love the "in the bag" post...fabulous bag as well :)

  18. I love your new MbyMJ bag! So cute!