Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look of the Day: Looking Ahead

The New Year seemed to welcome us just yesterday but we're almost a month in and I'm still in prep mode for 2011. I've been making lists, spread sheets and filling my calendar with my plans and goals for the year. For me, it's kind of crazy to think that there are only 49 weekends left in 2011 to squeeze in everything I want to do this year. While I like to be a free spirit and keep plans open, it's more realistic for me to make a layout of my goals and hopes for the year visually - and then make a budget and schedule to match accordingly. I hope to pack in as much as I can this year, and meet as many of you lovely ladies as possible!

Thanks for all your positive feedback about my Featherlocks. I love them and I can't wait to get a bit more. Check out ProFreshStyle's blog to see how they look in darker hair.
Forever 21 Skirt, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's blouse, Cardigan from Nordstrom and Nine West Boots.
This is one weekend I don't have any plans though. Any fun plans for you?
And to my East Coast friends - stay safe in that snow!


  1. cute outfit! love the skirt. thanks to the snow i've been working from home a lot:) this weekend i really want to see blue valentine!

  2. Loved the flower! Totally spiced up the outfit, you look very cute! ... 49 weeks left? Geez! and I haven't done anything worthy, gotta work on those resolutions!

  3. Cute! I love that skirt..I am very into the "bandage" skirts! I'm going winetasting with my Mom! Sometimes it is very nice not to have weekend plans! SF is a great city..I'm sure you can find something fun to a tourist in your own city! ;)

  4. Once again loving your outfit! This weekend is my 'let-loose' weekend, all my friends have finished exams and so we'll all be going out, letting off some steam while cutting shapes on the dance floor. Then back to normality on Monday when classes start back up!

    Bex xox

  5. The outfit is hot (bandage skirt), but also cute (flower)! I love it!

    I PLAN on trying to cook something new on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. But sometimes I am just a bum. :/ But just seeing "49 weekends left in 2011 to squeeze in everything I want to do this year" makes me want to get out and do more. :p

  6. LOVE the bandage skirt! so cute ;)


  7. love your outfit esp the flower & striped skirt. btw, i love your room! xo

  8. You look great! I've been doing the same thing (lists and spreadsheets) for planning, first up a St.Patty's Party... I have so many details to get to, I hope it can rival one of your fab soirees!

  9. You're always!! I've been planning too!! I have more plans than I have money or weekends, haha!! Gotta fit it all in though, loving it!

    Have a fabulous weekend chica!

  10. Love that F21 striped skirt!! Enjoy your weekend lady!! x

  11. love how you paired the skirt with those boots. as for weekend plans i want to catch the king's speech at the movies and a little shopping.

    Girl Meets Handbag

    Murval Paris

  12. That flower is amazing. Love it!

    I can't believe there's so few weekends left! I need to get going on my lists! This weekend, my husband and I are having a date night that requires nice dress. It's been some time since we've had a fancy date.

  13. How fun erin!!

    Marissa- I really want to see that move - have fun!

    You too Alicia!

    Oh Erinn I can't wait to hear about the details! And umm thank you for the compliment!

    thank you cryskay and J!!

    sounds Michelle!! What are you cooking??

    Fashionaddict - let loose for me will ya? ;)

    Katie-I'll get myself into something just not sure what yet.

    Thanks Liesl!

    LOL Cess- when ever I feel like I am missing something I go right for my flower!

    Higfashioforless- Thank you lady!