Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things I Love: Iron Chef

Right before Christmas our friends Matt and Lei moved to America. Matt moved back after being in China for just over 3 years and this is Lei's first time ever in America. They surprised 3 weeks ago on Tuesday and we have had dinner together every Tuesday since, we had being taking lei to new foods she had never had before, sushi and Mexican food. This Tuesday Lei said she wanted to cook dinner for us, and I was more the excited.

Lei, Matt, and Casey went to Ranch 99 for all the ingredients and when I came home Lei was already chopping away. I was so impressed by her knife skills! Lei doesn't use any measuring tools or recipes when she cooks and it was so fun to watch her in the kitchen. I think it would be so fun to host a cooking party and Lei could teach us some of her stir frying skills.
Ranch 99 Goodies:
Lei used lots of veggies because she knows I love them. Her new favorite vegetable is brussel sprouts, she never had them in China.
Stir fry action. Lei was a pro!

And the feast.
Lei made 4 dishes in about an hour. She was working it Iron chef style.
It was amazing!
The dinner party.
Appetizers were '1000 year eggs'. Lei explained that it's an egg preserved similar to how cheese can be preserved or milk made into yogurt.
I felt like I was back in China!
However, I think this face shows how I felt about the egg.
It was a great night and the food was amazing. I am so lucky to have friends like Lei who can teach me new things about their culture!
Lei and I, in Beijing on June 14, 2009. We were celebrating my 27th birthday!


  1. Wow- that feast is inspiring!! Thanks for sharing those pics.

  2. Yumm that feast looks amazing, how lucky are you!

  3. WOW!! This look like such a fun night!! I wish the Hubs and I had friends who lived close so we could do this type of cooking (trying and group dinners)!

  4. oooh, all that food is making me hungry! yum yum yum! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. had to smile about the thousand year old egg -- i grew up around those (my parents eat them) but i could never get used to the taste! you're a trooper to try them though! looked like a delish feast!!


  6. Sign me up for the cooking class with Lei!! I love trying to learn new styles - especially if I can learn one or two authentic things.

  7. ok so can I PLEASE come over next Tuesday, this looks and sounds fantastic!!!