Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flower of the Week: Inspired Combo

This week when I was standing in line at Trader Joe's the women in line ahead of me turned aroudn and asked where I got the white hydrangeas I had in my cart, so pointed her in their direction. When she returned she showed me how she planned to pair them with some lilacs, the combination was just lovely. Naturally, I asked her where the lilacs were, and went to check them out, when I saw the $9 price tag I was reminded that I have my own Lilac tree with blooms on it that I could use instead. Unfortunatly most of my lilac blooms were gone, but I plan to remember this lovely combination for next year. Hopefully I run into that women in the future, so she can inspire me again.
The white and liliac combonation is so pretty and the fragrance is amazing.
The vase is from one of the table arrangements at my wedding.
And some irises from my yard.
What are your flowers for the week? Post link for me if you took pictures.


  1. So pretty! I didn't purchase any flowers this week...but the rose bushes in front of my house look smashing!

  2. oh to have a yard where you can plant flowers!!! I hope to replant my flower boxes on the balcony this weekend (pray for no rain!)

  3. Ohhhh, I'm so jealous that you have a lilac tree. We don't have those in Florida. I miss their lovely fragrance!

  4. Gorgeous as always. Love the hydrangeas! I sadly do not have any flowers currently. Perhaps I will change that this weekend :)

  5. I love this combination! I hope they have pretty flowers at the farmers market on Sunday. I hope they have something as pretty as your flowers.

  6. I love your flowers! I will have to try that combination myself when my lilac tree blooms, which should be soon enough. I adore flowers too, and here's a link to a post I did a couple of days ago:

    I hope you like :)

  7. oh my lovely flower loving ladies!

    Coley-I only wish I knew how to care for my roses!

    Taylor -fingers crossed for nice weather for us both!! xoxxo

    Kristen-I would have not even realized had it not been my mom freaking out over it. Thank goodness she pointed it out to me because it is in a very back corner/

    Lyndsy-You are the most fabulous lady I know, flowers weekly or not xoxo

    Ducthcbritshlove-I love you flowers!