Friday, April 9, 2010

Things I Love: B A S E B A L L

Back when my parents got divorced and my Dad moved out, my mom, sister and I went a whole year without watching any sporting events. A far cry from a family that previously grew up watching Joe Montanna, Micheal Jordan and Steve Young. It was around that time that my local paper was filled with buzz about Sammy Sosa and Mike McGuire in their home run race and I slowly began tuning in. The buzz in the paper surrounding the new Giants stadium was enough to keep me reading the sports page. That opening day was my first of many. I slowly began watching the Box Scores, checking the paper every morning and turning off the music in my car and tuning into sports radio. By the end of that Season I was hooked and I still am. Every year since then I long for nights when I can turn on Giants game and scream my little head off that my boys of summer need to "DO SOMETHING!".

When I go to games I can't help but go all out. I could not go to a baseball game not all decked out in my Giants gear. Here are so of my looks from previous games I have attended.

A peak at the Giants gear that I have collected over the years.

My Panda hat, and I still believe I was the first person to wear a Panda Hat to a giants game. Check out my post on it here.
Casey and I gearing up for a game back in 2003. The good old years!
And me before a game last year, wearing almost an identical outfit
A tube top I made to wear to games back in 2002. And let's be honest here, I am being very generous when I refer to this as a top.
Me rocking the tube top and devil ears. Why devil ears, you ask? Hmm...not sure, I just thought it was cool idea. I wore them that whole season. Now that trend didn't catch on, but Johnny and I do look back and laugh at my weirdness.
Today I am off to the Home opening day today to celebrate Casey's Birthday. LET'S GO GIANTS!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, and your love of baseball (and the Giants). HUGE Phillies Fan here, the past few years have been sooo exciting!! Going to games are the best....

    ... oh and my favorite is when strangers call my husband Chase Utley (he's got the same hair and shadow goin' on) soo cute ;)

  2. Ohh now that is compliment to you husband!!! I heart cute baseball players lol!

  3. I know right?! I get the giggles everytime!

  4. Ah! I love that their is at least one other girl out there that can be obsessed with fashion and baseball! I'm a huge Cardinals fan and opening day is perhaps second to only birthday as far as favorite days go! Oh, and when Pujols hits two homeruns on opening day... it trumps the bday this year! Have fun at the game! Meg

  5. fun! although i won't be going to the game saturday i will be day drinking in celebration...i think that still counts no?

  6. Have fun! I am not a giant sports person. But I've always been able to enjoy a good baseball game. We don't have any teams here so I'm going to be taking the fiancée to a University of Texas game... close right?

  7. Yay baseball!!! And you're going to be *so close* in my area! =) Have fun at the game today!

  8. Meg- ok that is the PERFECT way to start off the season! Love it!!

    Heather--you get a point for that for sure! =)

    Kayla- it's fun to watch those games because the stars of the teams sometimes end up being major league players later!

    Anh- I though you might live over in that area!!

  9. panda hat = ultimate coolness lol. Have fun on opening day!

    PS - if E Hayes' husband looks like Chase Utley, she is one lucky woman!

  10. OK now I guess I know where in Cali you are! so close, too!

    Have a GREAT time! That is a wonderful birthday gift for your husband (and even better because it works for you, too!)


  11. Hmm.... my comment didn't post... I'll try again :)

    I love baseball too! We have tickets fir next weekend and a couple more this summer. Love the panda hat and all your gear! :) You and your husband look great together- I don't think I have seen him before. Happy birthday to him! Have a great weekend!!

  12. That hat is really cute!! :) i left you the sunshine award!! to check it out click here,

  13. You are so beautiful!!! Love the panda hat ;) I am also a huge sports nut, but I'm a Cardinals fan. Some of my fondest memories are going to games at Busch Stadium with the whole family, grandma and grandpa included ;)

  14. I don't like baseball...but I LOVE baseball players!!! It all goes along with my theory that some girls likey their musicians and some girls likey their athletes. We all know which catagory YOU fall into.

    You look too cute in that hat.

  15. I told you this already on Twitter but HAVE FUN! GO GIANTS (since they don't play the Yankees ;)

    Going to my first Giants game Tuesday night and I can't wait!

  16. Hahaha, love it! I'm not a sports fan (I'll tolerate basketball) but being married t someone that is, I totally understand the weirdness. ;)

  17. You guys are too cute! Love that bear hat! I'm not a baseball follower, but I do enjoy going to Angels games bacuase the crowd is laid back and just there for the expeirence and Doger games for all the snacks!

    xx Vivian @

  18. ha i love your giants pride! hope you have a great time and happy birthday to casey! :)

  19. Jammer-hehe thank you I am very fond of my panda hat lol!

    LOL Steph those are the best types of presents right? I know i am close to you...well not for long!

    Thank you Kelly!

    Awe you are so sweet maggie!!

    THANK you Andi!! YAY for other baseball fans!

    LOL beth I like that theory!

    Omg have fun LC!! Bundle up though! I can't wait to hear about it. Our park is AWESOME! =)

    LOL CHloe, I forgot to mention I used to use my sports knowledge mainly to flirt with boys haha!

    Vivian-sporting events are some of my favorite ways to pend my days!

    Thank You anotherfishinthesea! =)

  20. Hi Amber! I love finding bloggers who like baseball! I am a Yankees fan though! I also have a ton of Yankees stuff!