Monday, April 19, 2010

Look of The Day: You Came in With the Breeze, On Sunday Morning

Even after the shenanigans of the wedding Saturday night, I was still able to wake up at eight a.m. and head to Target. When shoes are calling my name, I listen, and listen I did. I love my Cynthia Vincent Luella wedges, so you can only imagine how excited I was about this Target collaboration. I ordered a few pairs online but I needed to go to the store to make sure I was able to snag a pair of the cognac wedges, and snag, I did. I will be posting pictures of my purchases shortly.
Clearly on an early morning I needed an easy outfit to throw on, and nothing is easier then a maxi dress. When I throw one on I feel comfy and still feel put together.
This Lauren Conrad for Kohls dress achieved that sentiment perfectly!

I am 5'6 and it was a bit shorter then I prefer, but the color and price sold me. My cardigan is an old Urban Outfitters (BDG) one.
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  1. sooo, what you're really saying is that LC Kohls dress should only drag an inch or so on
    my 5'2" frame?... bc I have a hell of time finding maxi dresses. I know I could take them in to get altered, but I never find ones I love so much its worth my time to do that (yes, because i'm lazy)...

    Glad you got the shoes! I checked my Target yesterday and to be honest I don't think they even got a shipment. My target is a little obscure and they still have overloads of LOL stuff, I thought maybe they'd have a stray pair of size 5's or 10's (I'm a 7).. but nada :(

  2. Can't wait to see the shoes on you!
    My lame Target didn't have them, guess I should check out the 15 others by my house, LOL:)

    You look so snuggly in that dress, I want to cuddle you! (is that weird?)

  3. LOl Andi. You are so funny and your coments alway make me smile.

    You are tiny Ehayes. Actually the straps on this dress are adjustable so you could make it shorter, I had mine pulled as far as it could to make it long enough.

  4. That dress is adorable on you. I keep eying it in Kohls and I have Kohls cash to spend by today so it may be time to take the plunge.

  5. I'm 5'4" and I still rock the maxis. I really want to check out that line in person!

  6. I can't believe you were able to get the wedges! WOW! From what I hear, they are sold out everywhere, including online. You must have been just in time! Good score!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  7. OH man, i wish i knew you were going, i would have had you grab me some, i was sick in bed ALL day, expect for the mandatory building evacuation bc of an explosion, i missed out! :(

  8. Ah sorry Taylor! Tehy literally only had one of each size, with most of the size being 10, 11 and 5. I could not believe I was able to snag my size.

    Kara I definitely recommend it, it is a little see through! My long cardigan helped.

    A.Co I guess I got there in the nick of time.

  9. I love the dress!! Such a comfy and cute look!