Saturday, April 3, 2010

Things I love: Easter Egg Hunting

My Mom and I take turns hosting holidays at our houses. I host the crafting holidays, like Halloween and Easter, because I love getting creative carving my pumpkin (my pumpkin party post here and here) and dying Easter eggs. I also REALLY love to hunt for Easter eggs, pretty much because I win (find the most eggs) every year. I was going to scan in some old pictures of Andi and I Easter egg hunting but I think these pictures clearly illustrate my love of hunt for Easter eggs...CLEARLY.

Johhny you better bring it! It's ON!


  1. Bonds doesn't bother me so much as we haven't had a winning season since he left lol.

  2. Oh and I'm totally with you on the joy of easter egg hunts - never gets old lol

  3. Bahaha love this post and your competitive spirit for easter egg hunting, it's too bad you live on the other side of the country bc I seriously think we'd make great friends haha

  4. LOL! Glad i am not the only one Jammer!

    LOL Ehayes--we TOTALLY would be! it is fun to have friends all over the county though =)

    Thanks Peggy!!

  5. hahah thanks for sharing! It looks like a blast! It makes me think I need to start enjoying Easter again!!