Thursday, April 8, 2010

Look of the Day: I think I'll go For a Walk Outside Now

I just can't stay inside all day
I gotta get out get me some of those rays
The weather has been GORGEOUS this week. Which I really needed after all my moping last week about the cold, wet weather. It was so nice out yesterday I was even able to take my sweater off for a bit to get some vitamin D on my pale arms. I really need to get a bit of color on my skin so I can really start rocking some fun spring clothes.
My Ash Lotus wedges are quickly becoming a favorite.
I took a cue from Mary Kate and piled on the bracelets.

Oh and yes, I love the Brady Bunch. Check out Marsha belting it out. I think Lauren Conrad might be stealing some of her looks.
*Runs to make a Nick at Night Style Icon post*


  1. The weather has been very nice! You look great.

  2. teeehee... p.s. I just had to tell you, I'm eating ketchup *right now* with some McDonalds! are you proud of me? :)

  3. omg thank goodness Justine! I was beginning to worry about you ;)

    Thanks Tien!!

  4. omg thank goodness Justine! I was beginning to worry about you ;)

  5. now that looks like a super comfy outfit! I think you are thees. queen of super cool wedges!


  6. OmG Marsha does look like LC! haha

    and if I owned those shoes I'd be obsessed with them too!

  7. love the long blue tank!!! yay for spring and lookin' so darn goooood!:)

  8. You could make a paper bag look good! Seriously, how do you it? PS: I left you a little something at my blog :)

  9. Cute get up and I am also LOVING this abundance of sun. So lovely!

    And can I just say you made me totally LOL at work with the LC and Marsha Brady comment! I think you just may be right!

  10. i love the look of blue and black.. although they don't always go together you pulled it off perfectly!

  11. I adore that blue tank! I got the same one from the garden collection. I was debating whether to get the white one too;) I love the wedges with the outfit!

  12. LOL Steph that is quite the compliment.. thank you!

    I mean Right Ehayes? On both points! =)

    Thank you Anna! the top was only $12!! I know I should not tease you on your ban.


    LOl awe glad you found the humor in that as well Lyndsy! We would be good friends! xoxo

    TwoPantentPumps of I love to pair black and blue, the fiesty side of me I presume lol.

    Sara- i was debating the same thing!!

  13. I totally see the LC resemblance .

    & I love your shirt and fabulous bracelets!