Monday, April 12, 2010

Look of The Day: At the End of the Eve, We Roll Up Our Sleeves

The weather sucks but I have done my fair share of complaining about it. So no more of that, instead I am trying to get creative and use clothes that have been long forgetting, much like the dress I wore this weekend. Today my blazer was my inspiration, it is an old Express one that I never wear, but by rolling the sleeves up it became new again. The tucking in of my button up was an inspiration from Ashley Olsen, I plan on coping her look once I can wear open toe shoes and I need to purchase a watch (these ones featured on TheLook4Less are the ones I am currently debating).
Rolling up my Sleeves.
Rocking an old Express Blazer (Similar here), Nordstrom button up (similar urban one here) and my Ash Olivia fold over boots.
Inspiration, I will be copy cat styling soon.
And a request for my readers! We are booking our Europe trip flights this weekend and are still (last minute) debating routes, and cities and any feedback would be lovely!
We are hitting up Frankfurt and Prague for sure.
Budapest, Vienna, Venice, Munich, Zurich, Milan and possibly Rome are on our maybe list as well.
And the map my Right brained, Type A personality, Scientist husband drew. He even had to pick out what picture of his map I would post! Apparently I did not focus on the right area. LOL
Giants are winning 7-2 right now in the 7th, so my night is good so far. I hope is you too!


  1. so jealous! i took my first trip to europe last year . . . switzerland is a must! it is so beautiful and not to mention punctual and clean.

    milan was fun to see, but it would not be on my list if i were to go back. if you decide to do milan, i suggest lake como instead. :) any reason to scope out george clooney is good, right?

    i have a friend that lives in budapest (she's from texas) and loves it. it is a little far out of the traditional loop of places to visit, however.

  2. I love that blazer! I must be the only girl on the planet that doesn't own a single blazer. I know, it's crazy! I have a lot of cute little jackets, but not one blazer. I'm sad about it, so I'm on the hunt ;)
    I'm so envious you are going to Europe!

  3. Prague is my favorite city in Europe--even more than Paris or London. If you are travelling through Western Europe, I would also recommend seeing Capri in Italy--it's very lush and laidback. I love all of France, especially the South, okay, and the Northern beaches. I didn't love Munich or Rome, but I didn't get to spend much time in either city. If you are outdoorsy at all, Interlaken/Interlochen in Switzerland was incredibly beautiful to relax and hike in.

    And oh my goodness, if you are going to go as far west as Spain, Valencia was incredible. If you are going to Prague, then it is worth atleast a day in Budapest.

    Feel free to scroll through my Flickr photos from 2007 to try to get a feel for some of the cities. I'm mostly familiar with Paris and parts of France if you want any travel advice.

  4. I can highly recommend Amsterdam as well - there is much more than just drugs&sex there, I promise!
    I'm from there and will be visiting in a few weeks, can't wait! It's a beautiful city with great shopping and museums.
    Wherever you end up going, I wish you a great trip!

  5. I vote for Rome. :) my husband and I are planning our trip to Europe too. It'll be my first time there and my city wish list includes Paris and London. :) wherever you choose it'll be fun just to get away with your best friend on an adventure. :)

  6. If you are in Germany,I would head down to Garmisch and Oberammagau (probably spelled wrong) in the Alps. Stunning,stunning,stunning and worth every single second!

  7. You look stunning - perfectly classic.

    Sounds like you'll have an amazing trip, no matter what route you take!

  8. We liked Milan, we liked Venice, we liked Rome... but we LOVED Florence!!!!!

  9. I love your outfit, so smart and sharp!

    Florence is my favorite part of Italy--so excited for you, what an amazing trip!

  10. I LOVE THAT LOOK! I did something similar a couple weeks ago out to brunch! But it is no fun covering up with a jacket and wearing boots (I know you agree!) PS - Yes a gold watch is on my shopping list too!

  11. Thank you ladies for all the travel feedback!

    Thank you for the outfit compliments, I was a fan of this outfit. =)

  12. Your trip will be AMAZING! And that jacket looks superb on you. Love it.

  13. Rotterdam in The Netherlands is beautiful. So is Amsterdam. I LOVE your outfit. I have a blazer that I need to do that with.

  14. That outfit looks great on you! The colors, the it all:)

  15. When are you going? Are you coming to London?

  16. I love the tucking of the button up. I think I need to find a new place to find good shirts though.

    Also, I passed on an award to you on my blog! :)

  17. You look cute! You gave me inspiration for my own old blazer!

    As for traveling, I highly recommend Amsterdam! It's so pretty, with the nice canals and museums. Shopping is amazing too!

  18. Amber, do you have an email address? I can email you some info I had typed up for someone else a few months ago - about Prague, Budapest & Vienna. :)

    Love the blazer outfit.

    (or you can email me at sleighh122 at gmail dot com... and check out my giveaway!)

  19. OMG BTW I love Amsterdam, its my favorite city, if you go there I have a must-stay-at-B&B.... seriously awesome.


  20. wow! i would love to go to europe. have fun! :D

    p.s. i am now a follower. follow me too? thanks! :)

  21. I love your look today! Ashley is looking awesome in that photo and I wish I could rock a simple piece or two as well as she does. She's like... my height, so I should be able to pull it off!

  22. Thank you Coley!

    Good to know and thank you lu!

    thanks Jen and Rachel!

    Thanks Jammer! Heading over to check it out =)

    Thank ou Steph!! I will email you! or if you see this my email is ambersnotebook@gmail. and umm omg your giveaway is AMAZING!

    Thanks Mimi!

    Thank you Maria! You a petite one huh? I wouldn't think you were her height!

  23. Love the blazer...I need to reinvent some of my clothes too, instead of just shop, shop, shopping!

    Have a fabulous time with Europe planning, so jealous!

  24. Thank you Shopping(I mean Teaching) in Heels! ;)

  25. ANd Big thank you for all the travel feedback, casey and I are going to go over them together =)

  26. My favourite European cities are London, Amsterdam, Kopenhagen and Rome. If you are already in Frankfurt, don't miss Munich. Milan itself isn't the prettiest city but since you are so much into fashion, you would definitely like the shopping there!
    In the end all cities in Europe have their own charm and something that makes them likeable. I guess the secret in chosing where to go is not picking too many places but spending more time in just a few cities. Only then will you actually get to know them. Have fun!

  27. one note: if your doing one city in all of italy- do florence- its really not to be missed and one of the most fantastic places I've even been to (and I lived in italy for two months, rome to be specific)

    also vienna and budapest are great cities- so I would def. go there- but I might be biased bc I have a bunch of family there.

  28. Please stop and make a visit in Interlaken, Switzerland and Salzburg, Austria!!! They are the most beautiful, cutest little towns you will ever visit. Interlaken is surrounded by stunning Alps and on the most pristine lake with a million outdoor adventures to do. Salzburg is the home to the Sound of Music and Mozart with beautiful gardens, an old castle overlooking the town on a hill above the river. It is simply is a must-see.