Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look of the Day: My Eyes are Closing in a Nap like State

Last night we went out to support our good friend, Cyrus, at a Local Dive bar's Open Mic night . Now there are few people I would leave the house at 9:00pm on a weeknight for and even fewer that I would go to this dive bar for, but Cyrus is one of kind friend and we love to support him. Not matter the creepy bar and how much death metal I had to listen to before hearing some decent jams, we had a great time supporting our friend and his band. Even if my "my eyes are {now} closing in a nap like state" (one of my favorite quotes from my Gma's friend Olga) from staying out so late. Feel free to use this quote often, you will be surprised how frequently you can use and how perfectly it explains your tired state.
Pennie Lane came out to say hi.
I rocked a cashmere scarf gifted to me by my Step Mom Rena, a K. Allyn Tshirt and my go to Frye Deborah boots.
And my Hinge by Nordstrom Leather jacket.
Definitely my kind of place when this is the top shelf:
And Jager is their house wine ;)
I am all but certain I was the only person there wearing pastel nail polish.


  1. I love that scarf! This whole look is so effortless and chic and suits you very well. And death metal? On a week night? You are brave, and you are a great friend, indeed.

  2. Haha, too funny about the Jager!

    Love the late (week)night look ;)

  3. Very rocker! Love the quote too...

  4. ohh I like it! simple but super cute. The quote is hilarious. I love old people! They are like kids - the things that come out of their mouths.. sigh.


  5. I LOVE that scarf! It is super cute!

  6. i think this is my fav outfit you've worn so far...although you'll probably most something that tops it tomorrow

  7. Oh! Love, love, love that outfit. Perfect for a late night out.

  8. Late night out during the week = BALLSY. I feel old just thinking about it.

    That scarf is just beautiful...lovesit.

  9. Oh yay!! We have the same scarf and I love it too!! Since you always look so magnificent I am very excited that we have same piece of clothing. =) Suzanne

  10. I LOVE this outfit! You are a doll.

  11. LOL :)
    LOVE that scarf, so hot! You could rock really basically anything. Pretty sure you would belt a trash bag and make it look good ;)

  12. Lovely scarf and rockin boots!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  13. LOL Yes Tien not my regular type of thing LOL!

    Thank you E Hayes! Yes that Jager sign had me laughing lol

    LOl glad you liked the quote, it maes me laugh every time I sayit.

    Steph it was TOTALLY like that when she said it, she makes me laugh lol!

    Thanks Stelth nerd that was all my step mom! =)

    Awe thanks Aly! Yesterday's outfit wasn't that great but than you! xoxo

    Thanks Cassie!

    Coley-you have no idea how unlike me that was. I can't even believe I was out on a weeknight lol!

    Omg suzanne how cool!!

    Awe thank you Susie!

    Haha Andi. Not quite sure that is true but I do like the challenge of making an outfit out of a plastic bag. it reminds of the Project Runway when they make dresses out of burlap sacks.

    Thank you Vivian!!

  14. you look so cool! Love it! Stop by and enter my new giveaway!!

  15. The scarf and boots are awesome! xoxo

  16. Those boots were made for you! I hope you did a Jager bomb for me!lol

  17. Thanks ladies!

    LOL Brittany!