Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look of the day: Bust a Move

Sunday's are my favorite days to just chill and relax, this past Sunday I did my (new) regular routine. I hit up Target to check out their new Go Line of the week, and then I headed over to Trader Joe's to stock up for the week. Unfortunately the Zac Posen line was a bust for me, surprisingly, since I have been on a roll with the Target lines. Then I headed to my Moms for a bit and later I rode my bike down to park to hang out with my friend and her puppy. It was a great way to spend time in the amazing weather.
I rocked an old Torn Tank (a Copy Cat Lauren Conrad Purchase) and my Gap Patch & Repair Jean cutoffs (I highly recommend these shorts) and my Ash Lotus wedges.

I started out like this, but I got a little more casual as the day went on...Backyard time, my favorite time.
Park time with Buster Brown, isn't he a cutie?It was the perfect day to bust out this.It's only Monday but I am already counting down the days until next weekend.
I'll be back later with the Giveaway winner!


  1. Love the puppy!!

    maybe I'll pump up my bikes tires this wkd and go for a ride :)

  2. I cannot wait until I get to take my bike out for a ride to the park! It's been rainy here, but I'm hoping things will clear up just in time for finals to be over :)

    PS - You must be a master of heels if you can ride a bike in those wedges!! lol

  3. Those wedges look great with shorts! And your pup is absolutely adorable :)

  4. The sandals looks great on you!

  5. Love the shorts! I am obsessed with shorts this season, which I still can't believe after swearing to myself in high school that I would never wear them again ;) Love those sandals too, I am still debating on whether I need them or not! The weather lately has been amazing.

  6. Love this look, Amber, and it you put it together so effortlessly!

    Liesl :)

  7. Hey girl, I gave you a little shout out in my post today. Just wanted you to know I think you're fab (aka fabulous!) :)

  8. E Hayes-you should!

    Jammer-LOL I changed for the park and bike riding haha.

    Thanks Coley! I wish it was my pup, I pretend it is =)

    Thank you Tien and Anh!

    Beautygirl-OMG I swore off shorts too! I am now only slowly starting to re-accept them!

    Thank you Liesl!

    Aww thanks Allison *runs to check your post*

  9. Love the outfit - casual chic! And I agree, not a big fan of the new Target line. So sad, but at least that means I'll save that money...for another store! :)

  10. After my hill run yesterday that bike makes my legs hurt just thinking about it! Love that shirt. I seem to love anything nautical.

  11. Buster Brown is darling! And I love your outfit. I have been looking for denim cutoffs so perhaps I will rush into the gap and give these guys a shot!

  12. What a darling little outfit! I love that anchor top, so cute.

  13. Love your Buster Brown pic, the Cynthia Vincent Sandals lovely, do you know I am still waiting for my wedges to arrive? Hope they are worth the wait, Happy Sunday to you.