Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On The Hunt: Cat Eye Sunglasses

I have been seeing Cat Eye sunglasses in all the magazine and I am determined to find the perfect pair. Here are some Style Inspiration Pictures :
The Rocker:
The Bohemian chick.
The Bombshell.

Barbie, of course.The Movie Star.
The Socialite.

The quintessential Retro pic.These Tom Ford Anouk's have been on my want list for awhile, and now that Maegan rocks them so well, these maybe the ones I too go for. Still hunting though.


  1. Very chic, love them all! Especially the socialite's pair - where are those from I wonder? :)

  2. I love them all but adore Olivia's the most. Gorgeous! Good Luck with your hunt!

  3. How funny! I was just going to call you for advice for new sunglasses! Thanks!!!

  4. Oh Kurt :-( I always loved those glasses he wore!

  5. Really love the Nicole Richie ones. I'll have to be on a lookout for a pair of these myself.

  6. I love the Socialite and Movie Star pairs...find them and share the info! :)

  7. Oh, you HAVE to get the Kurt Cobain shades! You would totally slay them.

  8. i just bought some and love them!! The ones on Olivia are hot!

  9. Trish- I don't know but I would love to know!

    Lyndsy-I love hers too!

    Kim--ME TOO!

    lol Andi!

    Two PAtent Pumps- I know both her paris are also hard to find!

    Teaching in heels-whenI find the perfect pairs I will share!

    Aww thanks Dee. I know I loved him and his sunglasses.

    Oh well Taylor if your have some...I MUST get some =)

  10. Does this mean ray ban wayfarers are going out??

    I was just getting use to seeing these make a comeback, a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

  11. Oh my goodness, I love them all! Please show us if/when you snag your own!

  12. LInda I still rock my ray bans! I just wanr a new lens as well =)

    bonjouritsjinah-if I find some that fit me you will definitely be seeing them!

  13. they look so cool! i don't think it would look very good on my face shape though....

  14. These are all awesome! My favorite is the pair on Audrey Hepburn. She's so amazing. I need a pair of these too!