Sunday, April 11, 2010

Look of The Day: You Can Call me Flower if You Want To

When I first started blogging about my outfits I was a little worried it would make me feel like I would need to shop more, so I wasn't always posting the same clothes. It turns out that the opposite is happening, instead of shopping more I am thoroughly examining what I have in closet and getting deep into clothes that have received little attention from me before.
I had a bridal shower to go to this weekend, and my first thought was that it was the perfect excuse to buy a new a dress. But when I thought about it more I knew I had some dresses in my closet that still have tags on them, like this Elizabeth and James dress that I got on clearance a few years back from ShopBop. It has been sitting in my closet just waiting to be worn, and yesterday I finally busted it out.
I can't believe I never wore this before, I loved it and Casey said I looked like a flower in it.
Our nice weather has gone away.
The bits of red in the dress inspired me to paint my nails red, something I never do, and I loved it!

I hope your weekend was great! Make sure to check out my current giveaway as well =)


  1. Love the dress on you! I can't believe it's been sitting in your closet, either! It looks wonderful.

  2. I know what you mean by feeling like you had to shop for more clothes! but really you can mix and match and i'm sure i have clothes hiding my drawers!

  3. that is a beautiful dress! and i love super red nails too :)

  4. I love your jewelry and you nails!
    <3 Dana

  5. I love rediscovering clothes, very cool. Dress looks great as usual<3

  6. loveeee it amber! I am the same way I have been trying to use clothes in my closet that still have tags on it!

  7. It's funny, because I'm not a nail polish person myself, but the red nails really pull it together. Love it!

  8. Tien- I know! I bought is at first and just let it sit, and then it got to the point it was "old" I think it is long enough now that I like it again or something lol!

    TwoPatentPumps-I am going to have to do more hunting now. I put away my summer clothes during winter time so I am hoping to find many more pieces I love but forgot about.

    Thank you Lynn!

    Thank you DMKG. My rings are recent purchases from Cost Plus

    Thank you Andi, you are the sweetest!

    Thank you Pamela, lol glad I am not the only one with clothes with tags on them!

    Thank you Chloe! I don't think I have ever had red nails before, it just wasn't me. But this turned me! lol

  9. really cute! I like the color!

    I am now following yoU!

    follow me too yeah?


  10. Love your dress!! Great accessorizing, too :-)


    One Love,

  12. I loved your rings and your dress.
    I followed your blog, can you please follow back if you like mine?

  13. I love it! I can't belive you've never worn it either, its super cute. Actually I guess I can,when I went through my closet recently I had several items brand new with tags.


  14. Thanks ladies.
    Steph- I know i guess it just got pushed to th back and forgotten. Thank you and good luck on all your adventures!

  15. You look SO great in that dress! Very, very cute!

  16. That dress ia fab on you! I can't believe you never wore it.

  17. That dress is so pretty Amber! You do look like a flower (and I love the title of this post).

  18. Oh I do this! This just reminds me that I have a few "old" dresses that need to make their appearance!

    It's fantastic!

  19. Really cute dress! I love pulling out oldies and making them new again. How cute that your hubs called you Flower! Darling!

  20. Love the dress on you- its so pretty! I love finding things in my closet that I never both to wear, its ::almost:: as good as shopping.

  21. Thanks Anh!

    SO sweet Rachel, thank you!

    LOL thank Jen.

    Thank you superburbs =)

    Awe thank you Lyndsy xoxo

    LOL that is true Natalie!

  22. Amber, that dress looks glorious! That's so awesome that you are using the pieces in your closet more. I need to follow suit, hehe.

  23. I love the whole look! THe nails, with the rings and the tights/wedges look great!

    Man this really makes me realize how bad I need a b-day/bridal shower dress.....girl I need outfit help! B-day is my bridal shower day so I have an excuse to rock it out! HELP! :)

  24. Thank you Ladies! Gosh I really should have busted this out sooner I suppose lol!

    Taylor I am on it! =)