Monday, April 12, 2010

Look of the Day: Sunday Morning Rain is Falling and I'm Calling Out to You

The Rain came today and almost put in me in a bad mood. No, not because I had to dress around the weather but instead because it almost rained out the Giants game. Don't mess with Sports on Sundays, lol. After a busy weekend it was so nice to have a nice lazy Sunday with nothing to do. I did some reading, crafting and catching up online. I'm hoping this rain blows through fast and we have nice weather again soon. I made the most of our cold wet day and made soup, because cold weather just calls for soup right? I was though, really hoping to catch some rays on my legs before a wedding we are attending next Saturday, I guess I should start faking it now.
Checking out blogs.
Rocking my favorite (sold out) Urban Sweater and studded leggings that I got at a local boutique. Busy Crafting.
Catching up on chores I had put off.
Ahh (uggh?) Monday...
Big Shout to my friend starting a new job today!! You'll knock 'em out of the park!!


  1. Love that cardigan, so cozy! Sooo, are you going to Mexico? How fun!!

  2. big sweater and leggings - i've been rocking that look since i was a kid and i will NEVER stop!

  3. Sounds like a nice, relaxing day. And I love the sweater!

  4. Sometimes rain is the only thing that helps me get stuff done!

  5. I remember that sweater from another OOTD post, and I remember it because I LOVE IT!

  6. Great cardi.

    Are you getting married?! IN MEXICO!? When! Congratulations! So exciting!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  7. ...or wait... maybe you're just RSVP-ing about GOING to Mexico for someone ELSE's wedding?


  8. Andi-I really want to but I don't think we are going to be able to make it, SOO bummed!
    Lyyn- one of the easiest things to wear, so comfy!

    Thanks Mel!

    Krissy-that is a good theory! Maybe that is why I did so much, I stuck inside.

    A.Co yes just RSVPing

  9. that sweater is amazing!! I love it.

  10. Thank you Sabrina! Did you get your necklace yet?

  11. Aww Amber I just saw this. So sweet! Thanks :)

  12. Shana I didn't want to post your name only because I know how stealth you roll sometimes ;)