Thursday, April 1, 2010

Month in Review: That's A Wrap!

Another Month Down. Wow, well bring on spring and spring weather STAT!Thanks for letting my silly and post a April Fools day joke. I couldn't help it! I like to be festive no matter how big or small the holiday =)


  1. I liked the gold lame' jumpsuit. Very 70's. :)
    I wanted to send you a post about how touched I was about your style icon, your Grandma. I can see where you get your fabulous fashion sense. She is a beauty and by was she fashionable. An icon to be sure and a very sweet post.

  2. Who doesn't love a chance to play harmless pranks. Halloween; April Fools... it's the only chance you get.

  3. i actually kind of love this outfit! im a fan of ridic 80's gold...your outfit is totally awesome!

  4. Awe you are so sweet Susie! Thank you!

    Lol very true Kayla

    LOl Hilary! =)

    Heather I actually like it too but i could never get away rocking that in my real life, it lives in my dress up box lol! =)