Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look of the Day: What it Feels like For Girl

My girly girl side comes out when:
-Someone puts on Madonna I have to run to the dance floor, as if something has taken over me and I sing at the tops of my lungs while vogue-ing it out.
-I wonder why Musicals ever went out of style.
-And then become thankful that they are back every Tuesday night
-I secretly heart the bad boy..aww Puck
-I shriek at the mere commercial for another Sex in the City Movie comes on..ahh the clothes!
-Then when I see a dress Carrie is wearing in the commercial I freak out (even tweet about it) because it looks like a dress I just wore!
-When the commercial ends and I get sad, and then I am reminded that I BAWLED through the whole entire Sex in the City movie last time.
-Why? Well you have a crier on your hands. Make sure to grab the remote or a box of tissues when one of those touchy-feely Chase Credit Card commercials come on...or any movie/tv show commercial that has explicit feelings in it
Any one else with me on any of those? And anyone else watch the Madonna Glee last night?

WOW, that was amazing, although it was like bug replant for my husband, he could not stay in the same room while they we dancing and sign away. I may have to bring it back to girly girl tomorrow in the outfit. Here was yesterday' outfit, not very girly and not very exciting either. I blame it on the rain, oh yes, it is back.

My bracelet is another recent Cost Plus World Market find, I told you I loved that place. I will be wearing this all spring and summer long.
I rocked my go to Abercrombie cardigan, H&M white button down, and JCrew feather pin and necklace. All old, clearly new clothes will be worn the weather is nicer!
The flowers on my desk have been kicking it since Easter! Rockstars!
See how I immediately revert back to a colorless outfits when the weather shifts?
oh.. only to wear a beautiful skirt like this...a very girly girl piece that could be yours :)


  1. I missed most of the ep because I was watching LOST. I caught a few songs during commercials though.... and yeah, I cry at the dumbest commercials ever...

    cute bracelet, and honestly I was fuming through the majority of the last SATC movie... this one better make me less mad!

  2. Love love this post! I am a huge fan of musicals, Madonna, and SATC! Cannot wait for the next movie to come out.

    BTW, I got the Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges today over my lunch break! YAY!

  3. I'm a HUGE Glee fan! I actually did a post about it last week. I love me some Finn! :)

  4. I love that bracelet!! Do you know, I just got on this "oh I am going to make my own bracelet since the one I really want is $145." Well by the time I bought all the supplies I have spent $60! I should have just bought a bracelet!!!

    Anyway I've watched the SATC previews FIVE times since it has come out and squealed like a crazy person every time. And, if Madonna doesn't make you want to freak out and dance who does?!!! I am so with you!

  5. That bracelet is beautiful, what an awesome find!
    LOVE Madonna and Glee (Still haven't watched it, it's on the DVR still), can't wait! And I honestly was really disappointed with the first SATC movie, I hope this one is better! I feel the writing and plot did not live up to the quality of the series. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer :

  6. Lol Andi. The movie was definetly not as gret as the show. Casey was I. Iraq for work and for some reason I wasreally said I guess lol!

    Steph-what bracelet were you trying to make? I made copy of lanvin necklace awhile back buy I was able to only spend about $10 on it

    yay! Jessica! So glad you going some!

    Ehayes good I not alone at crying. I agree the movie made me mad too but j guess sad as well. Or maybe I was so mad I was crying haha!

  7. Amber, I am trying to make this:

    I haven't made it yet but I just bought all the beads... 50 dollars in beads!

  8. Cute Steph.Those silver beads must have been expensive!

    Julianne I will have to check out your post!

  9. My boyfriend totally doesn't understand when I shreik at the tv for SATC or when I cry at commercials...ah, to be a girl :)

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  11. Girl, I love Madonna. Every time I listen to her, I put start dancing and singing.

    And SATC, I cannot wait!!!!

  12. LOVIN' GLEE! Last night was amazing and "Like a Prayer" gave me goosebumps. I am a nerd.

    I love your outfit!

  13. beautiful! I love this! So J CREW! I love Glee TOO!

  14. Glee was amazing!! It always is!!
    And I am just DYING for SATC!!! CANNOT wait to see what happens with Aiden {I always wanted those two to end up together}

  15. i secretly heart the bad boy too. and i can not wait for the next S&TC movie!! :)