Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look of the Day:I Need Some Help, Some Inspiration (But it's Not Coming Easily)

I was Holden Caulfield depressed about the weather today. The freaking weather roller coaster has been getting to me. I am more then ready for spring, yet Mother Nature disagrees and likes to throw corkscrews at us. Sun, rain, no wait sun, no it's rain actually. Well the lack of outfit inspiration shows, but instead of wallowing in it for the rest of the week, I decided to flip through my newest Vogue to find some inspiration. I only wished I had done that before I got dressed, because the Americans in Paris shoot had me flipping out! I hope I can try to recreate one of the looks tomorrow. I just loved the chic outfits, I think I found my inspiration, even in the rainy weather.

Let's just say I was this close to just posting this:
Looking for some inspiration.
Found it!
Let's hope tomorrow looks less drab than this
And more Spring like this
Images from Vogue May 2010


  1. Hi I just found your blog and I think it's fabulous. You've got a great eye for fashion! I would love for you to stop by my blog sometime. Thanks!

  2. I find that when inspiration is needed, magazines and catalogs are sometimes the only thing that will do.
    I keep tear sheets of these things I find inspirational or fall in love at first sight with in binders.
    When I had to pack for the business trip I am currently on, binders to the rescue!

  3. Im exactly the same Amber. When the weather is crappy I tend to throw on boring colourless clothing - It's not me at all!

  4. Pretty pretty! I love seeking out inspiration from fashion mags or online mags (WhoWhatWear is one of my faves!).

  5. When I want inspiration I always channel obsure Icons (is that a contradiction?). This week it was The New York Dolls.

    I love this look on you. Very French.

  6. I'm really loving the classic feel of your style lately! Great inspirations

  7. I get down about the weather, too-- Dallas had a month of sun straight, and now were getting April/May showers. booo.... I found this month's Bazaar to be awesome, too, and totally plan on using it to help me spend my money on the classics rather than the trends (which I always seem to forget!).

  8. I was feeling the same way yesterday. It was raining here in DC as well and I felt so uninspired in the morning when I was getting dressed. I have been busy with a conference, so I have not been able to read my magazines. I have my Vogue and InStyle waiting. I need to get to them soon so I can get some much needed inspiration.

  9. Thank you ladis! your comments all meant so much when I felt uninspired!