Thursday, April 29, 2010

Look of the Day: Captain Glass House

"People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones"
Captain Glasshouse here.., ready for duty. Yup that's me! Captain Glasshouse is my (recent) nickname {I am the queen of nicknames} my husband gave me. How could I earn such a nickname, you ask? I know right? I am so sweet! Ha!
Well it's when I say things like: Hey Casey, you play Softball too much! Hey Amber, you spend too much time taking pictures of yourself and then writing about it. Okay point taken.
And Casey, why is the house so messy?Amber, you haven't done ANYTHING around the house besides mess it up. That is true, but I was busy this{every}week.
But Casey where is my insert: Keys Wallet, phone, camera, laptop charger, remote control. Ohh Amber, where is any control?
CASE-eeeeeeee! Help! I haven't had internet all day and I can't find my charger... HELP! YIKES!
Okay I guess I need to pick up my slack--I mean put down my stones!
My mirror outfit picture because even Casey (my personal Jack of all trades) couldn't fix my tripod.
If I'm a captain, I need hat right?? Ahoy Maties!
And a throw back desk shot, because I miss them and I love this look!
Oh Tripod, how I miss you!Clearly I am in need of a weekend. See what I do on Thursdays when Project Runway isn't on? Oy Vey!


  1. This conversation sounds very familiar! Ha. Love, love your outfits. Where is the nude blazer from?

  2. You've got me wanting a captains hat now!! Wheeee.

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. His response about the taking pictures of yourself and writing about them is absolutely hysterical!!

    I love that second out, wow! no wonder you wanted to revisit it, its stunning.

  4. OK that would be outfit! wish there was an edit ;)


  5. hysterical... and def with you on no more Project Runway, and stupid Fios on Demand still hasn't loaded the finale for viewing! I missed it when I was in LA last wk :(

  6. love the over the knee boots!


  7. Wow- pretty blunt assesment of blogging. Leave it to the guys. Apparently watching grown men recreate gym class for millions of dollars is a less shallow pursuit! LOL

  8. HAHA... that convo cracked me up. I think we ALLLLLL have those with our husbands!!

  9. This conversation sounds oddly familiar ;)

  10. LOL Glad I am not the only Captain Glasshosue out there haha

  11. awww , love your heels also your blog :)